Baby Yoda sipping his soup is the meme the internet has been waiting for

Baby Yoda sipping his soup is the meme the internet has been waiting for

In this chaotic world of ours, an unlikely hero has emerged from the chaos and confusion to reign supreme as almost universally adored.

I'm talking, of course, of Baby Yoda, who has risen to prominence in the collective consciousness of the internet thanks to its part in Star Wars: The Madalorian, flagship show of new streaming service Disney+.

Yes, for the first time since 1978's regrettable Holiday Special, a live-action version of Star Wars has returned to small screens. And sure, that's exciting in it's own way, but in reality one character has really taken things to the next level. Baby Yoda.

Check out this brilliant behind-the-scenes footage of Baby Yoda in action:

If that hasn't endeared the uninitiated among you to the legend that is Baby Yoda already (and let's face it, it has), then maybe the many brilliant memes of the best character on television will.

In possibly the most adorable moment ever to exist on television, Baby Yoda sipped from a mug of soup during the latest episode of the show. And it's spawned some truly superb memes.

If the next episode is simply an hour of Baby Yoda drinking soup from his cup, then something tells me that a fair few Star Wars fans wouldn't be too disappointed.

In the meantime, the debate over whether we're even allowed to call 'Baby Yoda' Baby Yoda has been settled by one of the directors of the series, Dave Filoni, who stepped in to give his two cents. The filmmaker said that referring to the little green alien as 'Baby Yoda' was fine. He responded: "That's fine, all part of the mystery."

So there, I'm going to keep calling Baby Yoda Baby Yoda until someone gives me a better name.