Battle of the B****rds voted the best ever 'Game of Thrones' episode

Battle of the B****rds voted the best ever 'Game of Thrones' episode

Now that Game of Thrones has drawn to a close, fans of the medieval fantasy drama are reflecting on the series as a whole.

While it's safe to say that the eighth season thoroughly divided viewers, many of whom had followed the seven warring kingdoms of Westeros since 2011, the series remains one of the most ambitious to ever air on the small screen.

Relive Ramsay Bolton's glorious death scene from the 'Battle of the B***rds' below: 

In particular, GoT gained a reputation for its spectacular battle scenes, and contrary to what many fans might have expected prior to series eight airing, a poll has been conducted to establish the best episode ever, and it's from season six.

The poll was conducted by LadBible on Facebook and the winning episode, by a considerable number of votes, was 'Battle of the B***rds', which saw Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton come to blows in a truly bloody battle.

Jon Snow during the Battle of the B***rds. Credit: HBO

And, unlike the hotly anticipated Battle of Winterfell from season eight, viewers didn't have to adjust their TV settings to see it in all its glory!

'Battle of the B**rds' was directed by Miguel Sapochnik, who was also responsible for the Battle of Winterfell episode, 'The Long Night'.

This is Lyanna Mormont's heroic death scene from the Battle of Winterfell:

According to the poll, the second best episode ever was episode five's 'Hardhome', which introduced viewers to the Night King.

'The Spoils of War' came in third place. That's the episode from season seven where Daenerys' dragons go full flamethrower for the first time.

Who could forget the Red Wedding episode either?

Other particularly good episodes that got a mention in the poll were 'The Winds of Winter', which saw Cercei destroy the Sept of Baelor,  and 'The Rains of Castamere', which featured the notorious Red Wedding.