Behind-the-scenes pictures from Breaking Bad's 'El Camino' hint at Walter White return

Behind-the-scenes pictures from Breaking Bad's 'El Camino' hint at Walter White return

Last month, Netflix announced the news every blue meth fan had been waiting for. On August 24, the streaming service dropped new promotional material for a Breaking Bad spin-off movie titled 'El Camino' (Spanish for 'The Way').

Along with a tweet reading "What happened to Jesse Pinkman?" and a promotional poster, fans were overjoyed to be gifted with a teaser trailer, starring Breaking Bad star Charles Baker.

Check out the trailer for the highly-anticipated movie below:

As you can see, Baker reprised his role as the Jesse Pinkman's loyal friend Skinny Pete, and can be seen being interrogated by authorities over the whereabouts of Pinkman. Pete says he doesn’t know where Jesse is; but if he did, he wouldn’t tell them, going on to reference the cage Jesse was kept in by the Aryan Brotherhood in the final season.

(Eagle-eyed fans will also spot pictures of both Hank Shrader and Steve Gomez hanging on the wall at the start. My heart...)

So it's pretty much confirmed that this movie is going to be all about what happened to Jesse following his escape from the Brotherhood. The last time we saw Jesse he was driving through the gates of their compound in an emotional bid for freedom after months of torment, thanks to a rescue mission from his old chemistry teacher Mr. White.

You'll also recall that the last time we saw Walt he lay dying on the floor of a meth lab - killed by the criminal life that had given him so much to live for... But did he die? The show never confirmed this, as the last thing we see is a police officer taking his pulse as Badfinger's 'Baby Blue' played us out.

Well, now new pictures from the Better Call Saul Instagram fan account All About Saul, hint that we may be seeing actor Bryan Cranston returning to our screens to play drug lord Heisenberg once again.

Check out the one Breaking Bad scene Aaron Paul says everybody needs to watch before seeing El Camino:

As you can see from the image below, Walt and Jesse's iconic mobile meth lab can be seen onset of the production.

Credit: Instagram/All_About_Saul

Fans will remember that the RV was destroyed back in season three following an incredibly close call with ASAC Schrader. This suggests that the beige 1986 Fleetwood Bounder will feature as part of a flashback sequence, which fans think could mean Cranston will be reprising his role as Walter White.

Another series of images also hinted at a new location called The Owl Cafe.

And another picture shows the duplex where Jane and Jesse lived happily... before Walt watched her choke on her vomit - could this be yet another potential flashback scene?

(Bonus Fact: This dedicated Instagram fan also states that the car Jesse escape the Brotherhood's compound in was indeed Todd's 1978 Chevrolet El Camino - so I guess we know how the movie got its name!)