Bradley Cooper reveals how Lady Gaga's home-cooked pasta won her the role on 'A Star is Born'

Bradley Cooper reveals how Lady Gaga's home-cooked pasta won her the role on 'A Star is Born'

When Lady Gaga was announced in the lead role for the new film A Star Is Born, I can't say that I was surprised one bit. Plenty of musical acts have successfully made the transition into film with little fuss - think Mark Wahlberg, Will Smith, Rihanna or Donald Glover - but none seem made for the movie business in the way that Lady Gaga does.

Look at her music videos, look at her live performances - Stefani Germanotta was made to star next to someone like Bradley Cooper on the big screen. Early reviews of A Star Is Born are in, and Lady Gaga is awesome in it, I'm happy to report. But according to her costar, her musical talents were only part of the reason she was given the role.

Bradley Cooper was on the couch next to Conan O'Brien last Monday to talk about his new movie, and while talking to Conan, Cooper recalls when he headed over to Germanotta's house during the casting process, the popstar could tell right away that the movie star was feeling a little bit hungry.

"I don’t know what I was doing but she said, ‘Are you hungry?’ I said, ‘Yeah,'" revealed Cooper, before adding "I was burping and my stomach was growling." So together, the future costars (although they had no way of knowing that yet) headed over to Lady Gaga's kitchen.

"We went to the kitchen and she said, ‘Look in my fridge’ and she had all this pasta that she had made the night before. She heated it up and I was eating it with her. It was insane. She made me feel so comfortable."

Now with a belly full of pasta, Bradley Cooper also shared the story of his first duet with Lady Gaga - which, in retrospect, was the beginning of their amazing onscreen chemistry - when they performed the folk song Midnight Special.

"The next thing I know after I’m eating pasta, we’re singing in her living room,” he said. “It was crazy and she said, ‘Has anyone ever heard you sing before?’ I said, ‘No’ and she said, ‘Well let’s record it.’ So I recorded it on my phone and that was actually one of the first things when I was trying to pitch this movie to Warner Brothers, I showed them that video."

I don't know about you, but a star was definitely born that night - Lady Gaga's pasta sounds to die for. She actually credits it with sparking an "instant connection" with Bradley Cooper, does Lady Gaga, as she explained to PEOPLE at the movie's premiere.

"We had it in the fridge and when he came over I was heating it up for him in a pan, and before I knew it was two Italian Americans from the East Coast eating spaghetti together."

Well, there you have it folks. If you ever want to spark an instant connection with Bradley Cooper (and I don't see why you wouldn't), just make him some pasta. You're welcome. Check him and Lady Gaga out in the new movie A Star Is Born.