Breaking Bad movie will reportedly star both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

Breaking Bad movie will reportedly star both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

Breaking Bad has been off the air for five years now, and while we're not all glued to our screens every week in quite the same way, there's plenty of attention still being paid to the hit show. The original five-season run told a thrilling and complete story, but that doesn't mean there isn't a hunger for more of it.

In the years since it ended, we've got our prequel with Better Call Saul, which is focused on Jimmy McGill's fall from smooth-talking man of the law to corrupt criminal lawyer, which has received widespread acclaim. While Saul still has some way to go before he ends up meeting the iconic duo of Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman and Bryan Cranston's Walter White, there's a chance we'll be seeing them again in a totally different context.

Film website Revenge of the Fans claim that they have an exclusive on an upcoming Breaking Bad movie that's in the works. According to the site, they've discovered the official cast list of the film, which has been confirmed in the past, but with very little information to go with it. The movie, rumoured to be in production under the title 'Greenbrier', will include plenty of familiar faces, including some you wouldn't expect to see, considering the film is reportedly set after the events of the finale.

Jonathan Banks (Mike), Jesse Plemons (Todd), Charles Baker (Skinny Pete), Matt Jones (Badger), Robert Forster (Ed, AKA The Disappearer), Tess Harper (Mrs. Pinkman), Kevin Rankin (Kenny), and even Krysten Ritter (Jane) are set to appear, according to this leaked cast list. To top it all off, Heisenberg himself, Bryan Cranston, is set to join his old lab partner on the big screen.

While they don't go into any particular detail, the cast list allegedly includes "some interesting connections to Better Call Saul," with actors from the prequel show who never appeared in the original series coming along for the ride. It may be that we get to see at least some flashbacks to before the finale, given the fates of... certain characters mentioned.

Back in November, The Albuquerque Journal claimed that the movie was going into production in New Mexico, with the show's creator Vince Gilligan returning to the fray. Later, Variety confirmed that there was something to the rumour, and it all seems to be happening. Slashfilm later revealed that this new film will be "a sequel set after the events of the series finale, following Jesse as he blazes a trail away from that horrifying finale."

It didn't take long before fans and interviewers were turning to Bryan Cranston, hoping that he would be involved in the project somehow. Speaking to Dan Patrick on the possibility, the actor said:

“Yes, there appears to be a movie version of Breaking Bad, but I honestly haven’t even read the script...there’s a question of whether or not we’ll even see Walter White in this movie. Think about that one.

“If Vince Gilligan asked me to do it, then sure, absolutely. He's a genius. This idea, from what I’m told, gets into ... at least a couple of the characters that were not completed as far as their journey.”

While there's nothing set in stone yet, it can't be too long until we're hearing some initial announcements about the movie, and get to discover exactly what Jesse is up to these days...