Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast begin filming season 7

Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast begin filming season 7

The cast of the popular cop comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has started filming season 7. Fans will no doubt be delighted by the news considering what a hit the series has become.

The show, which was created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur, premiered on FOX back in 2013, and has since garnered a dedicated fanbase.

In February, the cast and crew were told that there would be a seventh season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Check out their priceless reaction:

Who could forget that this was the show which, in 2018, was mere moments away from being snatched from devoted viewers only to be picked up by NBC - within 24 hours of being dropped by FOX.

So lucrative was the series that networks were willing to pay huge amounts in order to secure the rights for the show.

Yep, Brooklyn Nine-Nine really was almost scrapped last year, and now members of the cast are teasing fans with photos from season 7.

Or at least, one member of the cast is.

Yesterday, Melissa Fumero, who plays Amy Santiago on the show, posted a photo of Terry Crews, Andy Samberg and Stephanie Beatriz looking at a door, clad in their police uniforms.

A simple yet much-needed reminder that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is still alive and kicking - and hopefully will be for some time.

All of the current cast - including Jake Peralta (played by Andy Samberg), Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) and Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews) - are expected to return for the upcoming season.

Oh, and then there are the celebs (Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Hamill, Sean Astin, Guillermo del Toro and Seth Meyers) who worked hard to campaign for the show to come back after it was dropped by FOX. The creators of the show have previously asserted that they hope a cameo can be written into the show for them.

Thus far, only Miranda has made an appearance on the show, so here's hoping we'll be seeing the other stars in season 7.