Christina Applegate and James Marsden spotted filming new season of 'Dead to Me'

Christina Applegate and James Marsden spotted filming new season of 'Dead to Me'

Pretty much everyone with access to a Netflix account is talking about the hugely successful series Dead To Me since it premiered on the site this past May.

Needless to say, given its success, the streaming giant officially announced that the show would be returning for a second season soon after the first season was released.

Haven't watched season one yet? Well, take a sneak peek here:

Starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, the Netflix Original series centres around an unlikely friendship between two women who meet in a grief support group.

Both women are dealing with loss in their own different ways. We find out in the very first episode that Applegate's character Jen recently lost her husband in a tragic hit-and-run accident, while Cardellini's character Judy is dealing with a loss far too complicated for a series premiere reveal.

In fact, Judy has a huge secret that she's battling with - and it has everything to do with her new best friend.

And now, the star of the show, Christina Applegate, has been spotted filming scenes for the upcoming second season. Interestingly, (spoiler alert) Judy's dead ex-husband was also seen shooting scenes, which begs the question... is he alive?!

The brilliantly-made dark comedy has an 87 per cent rating among critics, and a 93 per cent audience score on, and is sure to be a huge hit this awards season.

And those who adored every aspect of how season one played out will be pleased to know that 2 Broke Girls creator Liz Feldman will be returning as showrunner and executive producer for the second season.

In a piece on, Feldman describes in detail the dark origins of the show:

"With Dead to Me, I have definitely experienced some incredible luck. I got to birth an idea and grow it into a show that I now get to share with the world, via Netflix. Of course, my luck didn’t come in the form I had hoped for, but life is full of twists and turns. Just ask my best friend Kelly.

Tragically, five months into her pregnancy, she lost her baby. It was a devastating time. None of it made sense. Here was my beautiful, kind, wonderful friend experiencing a level of pain and loss she did not deserve. It was impossible not to be furious at the cruelty and relentlessness of life."

Netflix has yet to announce a release date for the new season, but with the return of Liz Feldman and the series' two leading ladies, fans will be hoping that season two will be just as dark, dramatic and funny as the first.