Creators of 'Sharknado' release trailer for 'Zombie Tidal Wave' movie

Creators of 'Sharknado' release trailer for 'Zombie Tidal Wave' movie

The renowned film critic Roger Ebert once said that he didn't like it when movies took things too far, but that he had a suspicious regard for movies that went way way too far. If any movie franchise embodies that paradigm, it's the Sharkanado series.

Over the years, the so-bad-it's-good B-movie franchise, Sharknado, has given moviegoers a lot of joy. I mean, come on: we're talking about a movie where a bunch of sharks get sucked up into a gigantic twister. You can't get much more ridiculous than that. But now it turns out that the creators of the movie are planning on making a new film: yes, they're ditching the sharks and switching to zombies instead.

Check out the trailer for Zombie Tidal Wave below:

As the trailer for Zombie Tidal Wave shows, the film's plot centres around an invasion of the undead, after the bodies of numerous people who have died at sea are mysteriously resurrected as rotting, brain-hungry ghouls, and are then dredged up on land after a tsunami dumps their bodies on the beach. The flesh-eaters assail a small seaside community, forcing sea captain Hunter Shaw to step in.

The SyFy official synopsis for the movie reads: "From Ian Ziering and the director of the Sharknado movies comes Zombie Tidal Wave. Do we need to sell it beyond that? Premiering August 17 on SYFY."

Anthony C. Ferrante, who has directed several of the Sharknado movies, is due to helm the project.

I wonder what their next project will be after this? Seems like the creation of these movies follows a simple formula: take a movie monster, throw in a natural disaster, and presto; you've got yourself a script. I can't wait for Vampire Volcano, or Werewolf Earthquake, can you?