Critics are calling Joaquin Phoenix's 'Joker' a dark and twisted 'masterpiece'

Critics are calling Joaquin Phoenix's 'Joker' a dark and twisted 'masterpiece'

After much anticipation and hype, Joker, starring none other than Walk The Line's Joaquin Phoenix, finally premiered at Venice Biennale this morning (August 31). And as far as we can tell, the response has largely been positive.

The movie is set in the '80s, centres around stand-up comic Arthur Fleck (played by Phoenix) and delves into his journey into the Gotham City underworld.

It's fair to say that many critics were wowed by the 44-year-old actor's portrayal of the DC Comics character, and by how the film played out overall, with many describing the film as "dark", "gritty" and "really f**king cool".

Check out this gripping teaser trailer for Joker:

"I can't quite believe how good Joker is," one critic raved. "It's a masterpiece. Funny, dark, beautiful, full of rage, and really f**king cool. Joaquin Phoenix is masterful and every shot is sublime."

Another added: "There will be before Joker. And there will be after Joker. I don't know if the world is ready for this movie. Or maybe it is? It is GNARLY. It is crazy. It is audacious. It doesn't hold back. Wow. I can't believe it exists. But it does. And it's coming."

Check out the final trailer for Joker, which dropped earlier this week:

"Pheonix is phenomenal," said a third. "Dark, gritty & f**king crazy. More on the lines of Mean Streets than Taxi Driver. It all looks to be serving a masterclass but Phillips stumbles in the last hurdle with the film not knowing if it wants to stand alone or be enticed by lore #Venezia76"

"The #Joker we f**king deserve. Rings of comedy, rings of fire," yet another viewer raved. "It's a circus, it's a carnival, it's a mayhem. Phoenix brings us dancing through this social disease and it's a triumph. #JokerMovie".