Critics are saying Bill Hader steals the show in 'IT: Chapter Two'

Critics are saying Bill Hader steals the show in 'IT: Chapter Two'

IT Chapter One really managed to live up to the hype, and in the minds of many fans it managed to surpass the initial TV adaption starring Tim Curry.

Set in the fictional town of Derry in Maine, the Stephen King novel tells the story of an evil shapeshifting monster, who typically takes the form of a monstrous clown called Pennywise, that kills and eats children while manifesting as their deepest fantasies.

The movie adaptation was set in the year 1989, and starred Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Nicholas Hamilton as ''The Loser's Club'' - a team of outcasts who band together to defeat IT, played by Bill Skarsgärd.

 Check out the trailer for IT Chapter Two below: 

However, it was Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard who stole the show last time around as the foul-mouthed, be-speckled Richie Tozier. Wolfhard was given the opportunity to show off his comic timing and flex his humorous muscles, and audiences loved his quotable one-liners.

Since Chapter 2 is set 23 years later, when "The Losers" return to Derry as adults to battle the monster once again, Finn won't feature in the sequel.

Luckily, the studio found someone very special to fill his shoes and portray his adult incarnation: none other than SNL and Barry actor, Bill Hader, who has donned some specs and joined the cast of the follow-up. And if the early reviews are anything to go by then Hader's already nailed it.

Social media users appear to agree with the critics and have taken to Twitter to say so. For example, one Twitter-user commented: "Really enjoyed which serves as the perfect bookend to Chapter One. Some great shocks and scares with the young and old cast. Bill Hader absolutely steals the movie, which balances heartfelt emotion with creepy jump scares galore. [sic]"

Meanwhile, someone else wrote: "is big and ambitious and can't *quite* handle the weight of its aspirations, but it's still a fine piece of heartfelt horror. The parts that work, work REALLY well and Bill Hader is every-bit the scene-stealing standout we all hoped he'd be. [sic]"

Take a look at this teaser for the movie below:

In a recent interview with Variety, Hader opened up about the stress he experienced working on Saturday Night Live, and his decision to pursue work that wouldn't keep him away from his family.

Hader stated: "When I was on ‘SNL,’ I was a bit of a basket case. It could not have been easy on my wife at the time. I was so consumed with work and anxiety. Sometimes I felt like people thought, ‘Oh, he’s just wanting attention or something.’ It was like, ‘No, man, I’m legit. I’m freaking out right now.'"

He added: "Once our second child was born, I had to leave ‘SNL. It was hard with one kid, let alone two. Because I was just never around. It’s this weird thing where when you’re in this industry, you don’t have time to be with them, and it’s really, really difficult."

IT Chapter Two is due to be released in September.