Disney is releasing a matching owner and dog clothing collection

Disney is releasing a matching owner and dog clothing collection

Disney is the world's most beloved animation company, adding a little magic to our lives since it was founded in 1923.

Since then, it's expanded into an entertainment powerhouse, and while some might argue we've had one too many live-action remakes of late, there's no doubt that it will continue to hold a special place in our hearts. Particularly because of the many memorable animals who feature in its movies - come on! You know you have a favorite!

So, as you can imagine, Disney's new matching human and dog range has gone down a storm.

A woman and a dog in Disney sweaters. Credit: Disney

Aptly titled the "Oh my Dog" collection, it features a number of matching items adorned with some of Disney's most beloved dog characters. These include Charles Muntz' golden retriever Dug from Up, Prince Eric's English sheepdog Max from The Little Mermaid, Bolt's German shepherd protagonist, and cocker spaniel Lady from Lady and the Tramp.

A Disney product. Credit: Disney

If this sounds up your street, $62 (£50) will get you an Oh My Disney Dogs Denim Jacket (covered in dalmatians, obviously) or for just $31 (£25) you can get the Max T-Shirt, pictured below, which features Prince Eric's grinning pooch!

But you can do more than just twin with your pooch clothing-wise...

A man in a Disney product and his dog. Credit: Disney

Yup, your best friend can eat and slurp to their heart's content, while you do the same thing with your matching bowl and mug!

Disney dog and human products. Credit: Disney

Naturally, the collection is jam-packed with matching accessories too, such as a backpack, tote bag, homeware and stationery including a Max cushion $22 (£18), pencil case $10 (£8) and dog toys $11 (£9).

A woman and her dog in Disney clothes. Credit: Disney

All of the items featured in this article and more will be available for purchase in-store from the 29th of July or online.

A woman holding and wearing Disney products. Credit: Disney

So, what are you waiting for? It's time for you and your Disney loving pooch to take twinning to a whole new magical level.