Disney reveals first look at Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil

Disney reveals first look at Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil

Back in 2016, it was announced that Emma Stone would play Cruella de Vil in Cruella, a live-action adaptation based on the 1961 animated film, One Hundred And One Dalmatians.

And now we finally have our first look at Emma Stone as everyone's favourite fur-loving Disney villain. Indeed, at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, Disney unveiled the first photo of Emma Stone in character as Cruella de Vil.

But first, take a look at 1996's 101 Dalmatians, starring the legendary Glenn Close:

In the photo, the Academy award-winning actress can be seen with Cruella's signature black and white 'do, holding three adult dalmatians on a lead. Her two henchmen can be seen in the background.

Disney also tweeted the photo. Here it is:

"Here’s your first look at Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil in Disney’s Cruella," the entertainment giant wrote. "The film, also starring Emma Thompson, Paul Walter Hauser, and Joel Fry, comes to theaters May 28, 2021."

Naturally, a bunch of people tweeted their awe at the transformation:

"Oh for sure! I think she looks great," one person tweeted. "Very Tim Burtony. Hopefully the footage looks promising."

"This is going to be very interesting! Emma you have some big shoes to fill, honey! Glenn Close did that role justice #Cruella #CreullaDeVil," wrote another.

"She almost looks like Eva Green," added a third. "Looking forward to this."

In case you've gotten what the original Cruella de Vil looked like (unlikely), here is Glenn Close as the iconic Disney villain:

Credit: Disney

In any case, the upcoming movie will be a prequel to One Hundred and One Dalmatians and will reportedly follow Cruella's early days in 1970s London - before she turned into an evil dog-snatcher.

The book that the films are based on, written in 1956 by English novelist and playwright Dodie Smith, depicts the character as a spiteful heiress and as the former classmate of the dogs' owner, Mrs Dearly.

The film's plot details have mostly been kept under wraps so we have yet to see how many elements from the original children's book it will incorporate.

Cruella is set to hit cinemas on May 28, 2021 - so still a while to go!