Eagle-eyed Marvel fans pointed out a glaring omission on 'The Avengers - Endgame' poster

Eagle-eyed Marvel fans pointed out a glaring omission on 'The Avengers - Endgame' poster

Over the past decade, Marvel Studios produced 21 superhero movies that all connect in the same cinematic universe to tell an overarching story. Even if you don't care about a bunch of weirdos running around in their underwear, that's a pretty impressive accomplishment. From Ironman to Captain America: Civil War to Black Panther, the snooty critics and general public have loved the action-packed ride.

On April 26, Marvel's current phase draws to the end, with the release of the 22nd movie, The Avengers: Endgame. In last year's Avengers: Infinity War, the evil purple alien Thanos acquired all six Infinity Rings, giving him a ridiculous amount of power. Believing the universe suffers from overpopulation, he snaps his fingers to extinguish half of all life - which includes many of the beloved Avengers.

At the end of the last movie, we watched heroes like Spider-Man, Star Lord and Doctor Strange say they didn't feel so good, then disintegrate into nothingness. How will the remaining heroes bring back their dead friends? Probably some time travel / alternate universe mumbo jumbo. What? These are based on comic books, remember? But who cares? It's not about the destination - it's about the journey! (And action scenes and funny quips.)

Following the blockbuster success of Captain Marvel, which either ended sexism forever or ruined the MCU forever, depending on which subreddits you frequent, the first official trailer for The Avengers - Endgame dropped this morning. (But you already know that because you watched it five times. OMG, a three-second scene with Captain Marvel and Thor?!) Afterward, Marvel released the official movie poster on Twitter, and eagle-eyed fans noticed one glaring omission. Can you guess what it is?

Marvel - Avengers Endgame Credit: Marvel

Give up? I'll just tell you: Danai Gurira, who plays Okoye, the fierce Dora Milaje warrior in Black Panther, is pictured, but not listed in the credit. Marvel fans were just a tiny bit upset.

This looks like a job for Copy Editor Man!

Well, "the voice behind the raccoon" is megastar Bradley Cooper, but yes point taken

There - that's better!

Maybe if you stare long enough, her name pops out like a Magic Eye

But how do you really feel?

Upon noticing the angry mob waving pitchforks outside their door, Marvel quickly fixed the poster, and re-released it with Danai Gurira's name listed in the credits. "She should have been up there all this time," tweeted Marvel, indicating that this was a benign copy-editing error, not part of a malicious conspiracy.

Marvel fans suspect that Endgame will end with some superheroes dying, or retiring, resulting in a reconfigured Avengers line-up. (Notice how Ironman and Captain America are so prominently featured? Not feeling optimistic about their chances!) But one thing's for sure - if Danai Gurira's Okowe is not part of Avengers 2.0, people will be furious.