Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa had a 'Game of Thrones' reunion and it's amazing

Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa had a 'Game of Thrones' reunion and it's amazing

There have been a fair share of relationships on Game of Thrones, and though most of them weren't exactly romantic, there have been a few that fans got behind. Personally, I was always a fan of Jon Snow's relationship with Ygritte, but the new popular match-up is Daenerys and the know-nothing Stark bastard.

They pulled a fast one on us all by getting us invested in the mother of dragons getting it on with the king of the north before we knew for sure that they were aunt and nephew, but - regardless - this relationship can never match up to her previous one.

Despite only being in the show for one season, Jason Momoa truly made his mark on the hit series as Khal Drogo. In fact, despite his other acting work, including an Aqua Man movie set to be released later this year, he's still the king of the Dothraki to most of us. His pairing with Daenerys, while it started off pretty brutal, eventually became sweet and loving.

By time she was calling him "my sun and stars" and he was referring to her as "moon of my life," we were all invested in how things would turn out for them. However, this being Game of Thrones, our hopes and dreams were utterly destroyed in a heartbreaking way. Thanks, George.

The show has been on for six more seasons since then, with the eighth (and final) set of episodes scheduled to air next year. With much of the cast in Ireland for filming, it was a perfect opportunity for a little reunion between Momoa and the cast, including his lost love, Emilia Clarke.

Last Sunday night, both actors took to their Instagram accounts to share photos of their legendary meet-up, where they even tried out the iconic lift from Dirty Dancing. She refers to him as "my sun and stars" as he refers to her as "moon of my life", just like old times. (No, you're crying).

"This is the closest you’ll ever get to me attempting ‘that lift’ from dirty dancing," Clarke wrote. "Yes, my man is sitting. Yes, there’s no lake. And yes, I have no idea I’m NOT being raised above his head (Id like to take a moment to thank alcohol for giving me courage to attempt this. Ever.)"

Momoa also posted photos of him out on the town with other people from the show, leading some fans to speculate whether he somehow turns up again in the final season. "I’m so grateful to be apart of the greatest show on earth," he wrote. "I’m honored to be able to come to Ireland and celebrate with my friends. I’m just here for kisses and hugs and The black stuff."

While he claims to only be there "for kisses and hugs" and his fair share of Guinness, there's always the chance he turns up again. Maybe not a resurrection, as his body has long since been burnt to a crisp, but there's always flashbacks and dream sequences...