Emilia Clarke reveals Daenerys has a 'weird' ending in Game of Thrones

Emilia Clarke reveals Daenerys has a 'weird' ending in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, even after being on the air for seven years, still has a loyal following. In fact, it might be the most popular show on television entirely, if the series' avid fans are anything to go by. I consider myself to be one of the least obsessive fans of the show, and I'm still finding it extremely difficult to accept that we're going to have to wait a year to see the next season.

I'm sure once the final episode airs in 2019, I'll be wishing there was more again. HBO apparently have several spin-off shows in the works, so if any of those end up being good, we might be alright. Then, of course, the next book will probably be released at some point, once George R R Martin eventually gets around to it.

A show that big means that its stars are instantly recognizable to the general public, which I imagine makes it pretty hard to go anywhere. However, despite playing one of the most important characters in the fantasy series, Emilia Clarke has managed to spend hours in public without anyone noticing her, as she explained to Vanity Fair recently.

Her naturally brown hair managed to keep her anonymous before, but now that she's dyed her hair icy blonde like her Game of Thrones character it should be harder - but apparently, she still doesn't get spotted that often. "We both have a thing about our stature not quite being what people expect," her co-star Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, said. "When I’m goofing around with my pals, I’m unrecognizable," Clarke says.

The final season still has plenty of filming to be done, as well as the lengthy post-production process, but that doesn't mean those on set don't know exactly what is going on. In fact, Clarke spoke to Vanity Fair about the final season and even her character's final scenes - though she does play it coy:

"It f***ed me up. Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone's mouth of what Daenerys is... I'm doing all this weird sh*t. You'll know what I mean when you see it."

I don't think any fan of the show is surprised that the show is going to be "f***ed up," but the rest of her comments are intriguing. It seems like Daenerys is set on a clear path - either she'll be victorious and sit on the iron throne, or she'll be defeated. There will likely be a fair amount of tragedy along the way, but describing Daenerys as "doing all this weird sh*t," makes me think there's going to be some unexpected twists in the story.

If anything - the best thing the final season can be is "weird". If we get a standard predictable conclusion to this lengthy story, it will cool but not much more than that. Either way, it's hard not to get excited about the series again, even with ambiguous hints like these.