Emilia Clarke reveals when she found out about Daenerys' insane plot twist

Emilia Clarke reveals when she found out about Daenerys' insane plot twist

By now, even if you're not a fan of Game of Thrones, you'll have heard that the Mother of Dragons became the Mad Queen in last week's episode, undoing the virtuous qualities we've come to associate with her character.

This twist, for some, was so shocking that there is now a petition to have the entire final series remade.

Another moment many fans weren't happy with was Jamie and Cersei Lannister's death scene: 

However, Isaac Hempstead Wright, 20, who plays Bran, has hit back at this anger explaining why Daenerys' sudden character change shouldn't come as that much of a shock.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "Time upon time, she's demonstrated a capacity to be quite brutal. She's waited years and years to get over to Westeros and take what is hers."

"She's been delayed. She’s had to fight an army of literal dead people. She nearly died. She's lost Jorah (Iain Glen), Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) and now the person she's deeply in love with isn't comfortable with her and he threatens the claim she's had for years."

Daenerys looking concerned. Credit: HBO

Now, Emilia Clark, who plays Daenerys, has opened up about her reaction to the seemingly shocking twist. She finally made her feelings known on Thursday at The National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Stop MS fundraising appeal in London.

"People have always come up to me and told me how much they love Daenerys. And two years ago I got the script for this series and knew what was going to happen to her," she said.

"Every time someone would come up to me and say, 'I love her!' inside, I was thinking, 'Well you're not going to love her for long!'"

Emilia Clarke smiling. Credit: Getty

"It was so hard to keep it a secret," the 32-year-old continued. "I would just nod and smile, and that's why I had this sort of furrowed-eyebrow expression a lot of the time. My eyebrows would sort of curl up."

If you haven't seen it yet, this is the trailer for the last ever episode, which airs tomorrow night: 

However, even though the series had had a mixed reaction from viewers, Clarke, like Hempstead Wright, did not involve herself with these criticisms, saying: "The response in general to this series has been pretty overwhelming. It's been an incredible privilege to be part of."