Fans left devastated after announcement that 'Orange Is The New Black' will finish after next season

Fans left devastated after announcement that 'Orange Is The New Black' will finish after next season

While there are a plethora of great shows that got cancelled too soon (pour one out for Firefly), there is such a thing as too much success. The Simpsons is a great example of this, having been on for so long that jokes about it being past its prime are now getting old too.

It's easier for sitcoms where the plot doesn't progress much and everything more or less resets at the end of each episodes, but for narrative-driven shows, it's best sometimes to call it a day when the creators have finished telling the story they wanted to tell. Breaking Bad, for instance, was popular enough to go on for several more seasons, but they chose to end Walter White's story when it felt right to do so.

Now, it looks like Orange Is The New Black is following its example, with the recent announcement that the show will be coming to an end. The upcoming seventh season will be the last, bringing the award-winning show to a close. The show was based on the 2010 memoir Orange Is The New Black: My Year In A Women's Prison by Piper Kerman, and has evolved into an incredibly diverse and expansive show since the first episode aired back in 2013.

Actress Uzo Aduba, who plays Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' Warren in the show, spoke highly of the final season, along with other members of the cast who joined in on a farewell to the show.

"Season seven, you will not be disappointed," she said. "It is a season you will not forget and we are going to give you everything and more that you could have ever wanted. I'm so grateful for the fun times, the knowledge, the friendships, the love, the family that we have created together."

The video, shared to the Orange Is The New Black Twitter, also included other members of the cast saying goodbye to the series that shaped their careers.

"I'm going to miss playing and living on the edge of one of the most groundbreaking, original and controversial series of this decade," Kate Mulgrew - who plays Galina "Red" Reznikov - said.

On top of this, many of the cast shared how grateful they were for the fans that made the show so successful. Adrienne C. Moore wrote on Instagram that the actors "wouldn't be where we are today" without them.

"OITNB has changed my life and introduced me to so many wonderful people from around the world! With this official message of the end of our run, my heart is a little heavy, BUT excited for what's ahead," Selenis Levya wrote.

As if we didn't have enough reasons to well up, Aduba quoted Winnie The Pooh on Twitter, writing: "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

While it's sad to see it go, we still have another season to look forward to! But we do have some time to wait. The final episodes are set to air in the summer of 2019.