Fan's theory that Sansa Stark will win the Game Of Thrones is pretty convincing

Fan's theory that Sansa Stark will win the Game Of Thrones is pretty convincing

For the best part of a decade now, pretty much everyone and their grandma has been tuning in to the sex-and-gore-fest that is Game of Thrones - and now it's finally coming to an end.

* Warning - spoilers ahead! *

If you need something to keep you going until Sunday, here's a sneak preview of episode five:

Season eight has been something of an emotional rollercoaster so far: we lost some fan favourites (Lyanna Mormont deserved so much better), carried on with some unlikely survivors (seriously, Sam survived that battle?), and finally got to celebrate Brienne and Jaime getting it on (though he was an absolute jerk about it afterwards). But with only two episodes left until it's finished for good, there's just one question on everybody's lips...

Who will win the game of thrones?

game of thrones Credit: HBO

Well, after the last episode, a lot of people are rooting for Sansa.

Just from an objective point of view, she's come a long way since the meek teenage girl we saw in season one. She escaped Joffrey, survived Ramsay, and had the satisfaction of getting rid of Littlefinger - something that The Hound alluded to in Sunday's episode. In fact, it was this little chat with Gregor Clegane that had some fans convinced that Sansa would take the throne. While he pointed out all the awful things that had happened to her, she showed that she had survived in spite of it all - and what better qualities could a queen have than resilience and determination?

Plus, now that she knows Jon's secret (and subsequently told Tyrion, knowing full well that he would pass along the details to Varys, the biggest gossip that Westeros has ever seen), her path to the throne is even clearer. She knows that her brother - or, if we're getting technical here, her cousin - has the right to the throne, and that Dany is starting to get a little power hungry over the situation.

So, if neither of them can resolve their differences, and Cersei gets killed off, then who does that leave in line? Bran? We already know he doesn't want it.

But, if you look back to previous seasons, it's apparent that Sansa has been playing this game all along.

With mere hours left of the series, though, we really don't have long to wait until we know for sure what Sansa's game is.

So, will Sansa take the iron throne? Or will she go the same way as Missandei and Theon and every other person who has died in the name of ousting Cersei from her reign? Given the unpredictability of this show, it's almost impossible to say.