Fans think Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul just confirmed the 'Breaking Bad' movie

Fans think Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul just confirmed the 'Breaking Bad' movie

Breaking Bad told the riveting story about a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher who transforms into a murderous meth cook with a cool hat after discovering he has terminal cancer. Critics loved it throughout all five seasons, and the series finale drew a record-breaking audience of 10.3 million for AMC. What's more, people actually liked the ending, unlike a certain show about dragons and mad queens.

Afterward, creator Vince Gilligan produced the spinoff prequel/sequel series Better Call Saul. The show follows Jimmy McGill as he strives to overcome his criminal past to become a respectable lawyer, and we all know that goes. Many viewers love the series for its captivating characters and pitch-perfect black comedy, while others complain that it's boring because there's not enough explosions and gunshots. Boom boom and bang bang is fun! No talky talky! More boom boom!

Well, good news, crystal meth fans! Vince Gilligan wrote a sequel film that will "follow the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom." According to The Hollywood Reporter and other news outlets, that man is Jesse Pinkman, bitch. We last saw him speeding away from a dying Walter White and a lot of dead white supremacist gang members in the Breaking Bad series finale. Now we'll finally see what happens next.

The film will premiere on Netflix, then air on AMC, and that's about all we know. Reportedly both Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston will reprise their Emmy-winning roles, and fans are curious how exactly that's going to work, since Walter White died in the series finale. During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cranston coyly denied reading the script for the movie, but speculated that Walter could return in flashbacks.

On Monday Breaking Bad fans going through unpleasant withdrawal received a euphoric hit of information. Both Cranston and Paul tweeted an identical image, of two donkeys, with the cryptic message "soon." Does this mean the name of the film will be "Jackasses"? Or that they're making a all-donkey Breaking Bad reboot? Or that Cranston and Paul purchased two donkeys and are planning to go on a bromantic ride across South Dakota? Who knows? But it appears to confirm the movie!

In the comments, fans did not "tread lightly" with their excitement. "WHAT IS HAPPENIIINNGGG?!!" asked one Twitter user, while another joked, "Breaking Burro." Meanwhile, one person screamed: "WHAT?!? TELL ME @BryanCranston and @aaronpaul_8, I SWWWWEAR I WON'T TELL ANYONE!!! IS WALT ALIVE AND STARTED OPERATIONS IN MEXICO, AND THE MONEY WAS TOO GOOD FOR JESSE TO WALK AWAY FROM?!?!"

Hopefully more information is imminent, and the movie has a lot of boom boom.