'Finch' from 'American Pie' looks totally different now and people are wondering where the time has gone

'Finch' from 'American Pie' looks totally different now and people are wondering where the time has gone

In the nineties, there was not one teenage boy who did not watch, and then rewatch American Pie. Not only did its tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the realities of being an adolescent ring true for about every high schooler, but it was also just plain funny. 

It's now 19 years later, and the film still attracts fans new and old alike. But the franchise's stars have most certainly moved on. Many of the actors have gone onto have illustrious careers, some in the entertainment industry, and others in different fields. Eddie Kaye Thomas, who played Paul Finch, has continued to work in film, but you may not have recognised him because he looks completely different now.

One of American Pie's most memorable characters was Paul Finch - also known as sh*tbreak. He was the underdog of the high schoolers, whose pastimes included playing golf and drinking mochaccinos. Finch is also the one who slept with Stifler's mum, and whose seemingly fool-proof plan to get a prom date backfired drastically after laxatives were put into one of his beloved mochaccinos.

Now, in the 19 years since American Pie hit the big screen, Finch appears to have blossomed. No longer the weedy, studious high schooler he once depicted, actor Eddie Kaye Thomas is sure to be catching the eyes quite a few people...

Since playing Paul Finch, Eddie has gone onto star in Family Guy, the Harold & Kumar films, American Dad, and most recently, the television series, Scorpion.

And while many of the American Pie cast have aged gracefully, it's Sh*tbreak who has been turning the most heads.

I mean, just take a look at his recent appearance at a Comic Con event...

And here's another:

And another...

In an interview with Bello, Eddie opened up about what it's like to be recognised constantly for playing a character as infamous as Finch.

"I’d say someone calls me “Stifler’s mom”, probably averages to once a day," he said. "Sometimes it doesn’t happen every day, so it’ll happen twice on another day. More often than not, it’s just people thinking they know me, because they can’t really place where they recognize me from. It took me a few years to just tell them that it’s from American Pie."

"People usually think I went to high school with them, or they’ll ask me where I grew up. I used to feel like I was bragging when I told them they knew me from American Pie, but I’ve realized that it just saves a lot of time to just tell them that right off the bat […] it’s just become part of my life," he continued.

Well, we say embrace it Eddie. There are worse things to be recognised for - I mean, you could have played Stifler, and we can imagine that that is not something that you want to be called out for constantly...