'Friends' actor Ron Leibman dies after battle with pneumonia

'Friends' actor Ron Leibman dies after battle with pneumonia

Ron Leibman, the actor who most famously played Rachel Greene’s father in the hit TV sitcom Friends, has died at the age of 82.

In a statement made to The Wrap, his agent Robert Attermann confirmed that the actor had died as a result of pneumonia. Stating: "We at Abrams Artists Agency are saddened to hear the news of Ron’s passing. Ron was an incredibly talented actor with a distinguished career in film, TV and theatre. Our thoughts go out to his wife, Jessica, and his family."

Take a look at this classic scene in which Rachel's father eats dinner with her and Phoebe:

Leibman had been married to Jessica Walter, most well-known for playing the character of Lucille Bluth in Arrested Development and Mallory Archer in the animated series Archer, since 1983.

Leibman first began acting in the late 1950s, appearing in the TV movie “The Edge of Night” in 1956. He won a Tony Award for his role in the 1993 play Angels in America He also won an Emmy in 1979 for best lead actor in the series Kaz.

He also had TV roles in series such as The Sopranos, Law and Order: SVU, Rugrats, Holding the Baby, and Pacific Station, as well as film credits in Slaughterhouse-Five, Super Cops, Where’s Poppa and The Hot Rock.

Watch Jennifer Aniston talk about the future of the character of Rachel Green:

In Friends, Ron Leibman played Jennifer Aniston's overbearing father Dr. Leonard Greene a number of times. According to the official Friends wiki, the character was first mentioned in the 23rd episode of Season One, The One With The Birth. He later went on to appear in a further four episodes: The One With The Two Parties, The One With The Race Car Bed, The One With The Stripper, and The One Where Joey Speaks French.