'Friends' fan spots glaring continuity error you probably missed too

'Friends' fan spots glaring continuity error you probably missed too

Friends is potentially the greatest American sitcom ever created. With 236 episodes spanning over 10 years, combined with some of the most hilarious moments and memorable storylines in television history (Ross and Rachel were clearly on a break), it's no surprise people love to rewatch and binge the show today.

However, the longer you watch something, the more likely you are to spot a few plot holes and questionable story choices.

Earlier this year, fans were somewhat disturbed when they realized siblings Ross and Monica once played strip Happy Days game together.

Seriously, would you play this game with your brother or sister?

There are also numerous continuity errors throughout the show - the most famous being Ross' birthday. (In case you don't know, in one episode Ross tells Gunther his birthday is in December, in another episode he tells Joey it's on October 18th, and in episode four of season one he says that the date October 20th and his birthday was 7 months ago - weird.)

However, now a new continuity error has come to viewers' attention after one very observant fan decided to calculate the dates surrounding Rachel's pregnancy with Emma.

Posting in the Freinds subreddit forum How You Doin, this eagle-eyed fan revealed that Rachel was pregnant for a full YEAR.

They type: "In season seven, episode 17, The One With the Cheap Wedding Dress, Monica says she is getting married on May 15th."

Fast forward to the first episode of season eight - Monica and Chandler's May wedding - Rachel confirms that she's only a couple of weeks pregnant. Five months later in The One with the Halloween Party - set on Halloween - Rachel still isn't showing any signs of being pregnant.

The Reddit user writes: "In season 7 episode 24, The One with Chandler and Monica’s Wedding: Part 2, Joey says the release date for his World War 1 movie is Memorial Day weekend [27 May 2002].

"We find out in season 8 episode 22, The One Where Rachel is Late, that the week before his movie premiere is her due date.

"That would make her pregnant for 12 months."

Speaking of errors, remember that time Phoebe teleported in season 1?

In case you've been lost (I know I had to re-read this several times to fully understand it), Rachel is a couple of weeks pregnant at Monica and Chandler's wedding (May 15), and is still pregnant by Memorial Day weekend the next year (May 27) - resulting in a 12 month+ pregnancy.

No wonder she was so desperate to get that baby out of her...