'Friends' star Lisa Kudrow looks unrecognisable in Instagram snap

'Friends' star Lisa Kudrow looks unrecognisable in Instagram snap

It's amazing how something as simple as a new haircut or different makeup can completely change a person's appearance. Even a celebrity, someone who is recognizable anywhere they go, can look totally different after a makeover: or even just with a wig.

If you want an example of this kind of phenomenon then look no further than Friends actress Lisa Kudrow.

Remember the scene in Friends where Phoebe rants about Pottery Barn? We sure do:

Lisa, who played the character of Phoebe Buffay on the hit sitcom, recently took to social media to post a picture of herself wearing a bright purple wig, and it's fair to say that she looks very different indeed.

The selfie showed Kudrow in her living room, wearing a pair of heavy-rimmed glasses and a pink wig, smiling for the camera. She simply captioned her post: "Happy New Year!!!"

Kudrow seems to have enjoyed the Christmas season this year, and had her former Friends castmate, Courteney Cox, over for the holidays. Lisa took to Instagram to share a pic of the two of them together, which showed Courteney with a picture of an egg painted on her forehead.

Watch Courteney Cox recreate the iconic PIVOT scene from Friends:

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, however, Lisa revealed that she doesn't get too bogged down with nostalgia about the series, stating: "I don’t know the last time [I watched the show]. I don't watch it if it's on. I might not like myself, so I'd rather not risk that."

She added: "I think it's 25 years - like, to right now - since we finished the pilot and got picked up or something. Just how thrilling that was. We were like little puppy dogs, just climbing all over each other and playing and playing games and wanting to be together all the time. It was fun."