'Game of Thrones' fan rewrites season 8 and his ending is what we all deserved

'Game of Thrones' fan rewrites season 8 and his ending is what we all deserved

It's fair to say that the ultimate ending of Game of Thrones - one of the most-watched and most popular TV series ever = proved pretty divisive among audiences at home. Some people thought it was a fitting conclusion to the eight-season-long fantasy epic, while others derided the finale for being full of illogical plot holes and rushed storylines that didn't seem to go anywhere (Dany just 'forgot' about the Iron Fleet? Seriously?).

However, sometimes the fandom is able to do what the original creators can't, and deliver their own version of the product which exceeds expectations in every way. True to form, a Game of Thrones fan has rewritten the controversial ending of the eighth season, which seemingly improves the finale.

Check out the video of the alternate season 8 below: 

Screenwriter Daniel Whidden re-imagines the story arc of season eight in a 16-minute long YouTube video, in which he outlines how he would have fixed some of the perceived flaws in Game of Thrones' story.

Firstly, Whidden states that the Battle of Winterfell would be mostly unchanged, but that Dany and Jon would have ridden their dragons and used them to devastate the armies of the dead. Jon would have dueled the Night's King while Tyrion and Sansa hid in the main hall instead of the crypts. The heroes would lose this battle, and be forced to retreat to King's Landing instead.

Whidden then would have Jaime convince Cersei to shelter the Winterfell refugees, on the condition that Dany bend the knee to her. Dany agrees, but Jaime then betrays Cersei and assassinates her. Bran has a vision, which reveals that the only way to kill the Night's King is by destroying the source of all magic itself: the Weirwood tree in God’s Eye Lake.

Check out this climatic teaser for season 8 of Game of Thrones:

Dany and Jon fly there, but the Night's King has already arrived to meet them. A great battle ensues, but Dany is able to destroy the tree and Jon defeats the Night's King. However, magic disappears from Westeros, and Jon dies as a result of his past resurrection. Dany is pregnant with his child and is able to lead the Seven Kingdoms into a new golden age.

Personally, I think that this would have been an awesome ending for the show. But who knows? Maybe the ending of the books will be a bit more like this and a little less like the show...