'Game of Thrones' fan theory claims that one 'dead' character may actually be alive

'Game of Thrones' fan theory claims that one 'dead' character may actually be alive

In 'The Iron Throne', season eight episode six of 'Game of Thrones', we saw the hit fantasy series come to a close. After nearly ten years of watching these characters prosper, suffer, grow, fight, and die - it's time to say goodbye to our favourites as the credits roll for the last time.

Saying that, there are a lot of people who just can't let go. It might be the fact that the response to the finale is at best mixed, with a lot of people pretty damn mad at how it all went down this season. One of the sticking points has been Daenerys, who took a sharp dive into some very dark territory when she chose to burn down King's Landing even after its citizens surrendered.

Here's the moment she ignored the bells of surrender:

By time we got to the final episode, Daenerys had become even more convinced of her mission to conquer the entire world through any means, whether that meant doing the same thing she had done to King's Landing across Westeros.

This eventually led to Jon Snow, the would-be partner at her side (and nephew, but let's not open that bag of worms), tragically killing her mid-embrace. As she died at his feet, Drogon sensed something was wrong and came to the throne room to check on her, finding Jon instead.

Daenerys tragic death:

Luckily for Jon, it was the Iron Throne that met Drogon's fiery breath, before the dragon picked up her lifeless body and flew into the distance. For the rest of the episode, we didn't see either of them again, but there were some clues as to where Drogon could have gone.

According to Samwell Tarly, he was rumoured to be seen flying east towards Volantis. Kinvara - the High Priestess of the Red Temple of Volantis - last appeared in season six, where she said of Daenerys:

"Daenerys Stormborn is the one who was promised. From the fire she was reborn to remake the world ... Daenerys has been sent to lead the people against the darkness in this war and in the great war still to come."

Now, it seems like that 'great war' has already happened, but some fans are holding out hope that Drogon is taking Daenerys to Kinvara so that she can be resurrected, similarly to how Melisandre brought Jon Snow back to life. Once this theory started to spread online, there were plenty of supporters:

It is notable that we didn't see Drogon again, not even a closing shot of wherever he ended up.

So, could this be a loose end for fans to figure out, something that they can pick up in ten years for another sequel? Or is it all just the wishful thinking of people who wanted a little bit more from a finale that didn't live up to their expectations?