'Game of Thrones' fan thinks he's spotted Arya disguised as someone else

'Game of Thrones' fan thinks he's spotted Arya disguised as someone else

It's safe to say Arya Stark learned a lot in the time she spent away from Winterfell. Without it, she'd have almost certainly perished, and even with it, there were times when she almost did. But her biggest form of education was her training as a Faceless Man.

If your memory needs jogging, this was when, under the guidance of Jaqen H'ghar, she learned how to become a Faceless Man, relinquish her former identity and become "no one", allowing her to take on the guises of different people.

It's no wonder then that the Faceless Men were not only the most successful assassins in Bravos, but the reason that Arya was able to kill the seemingly unstoppable Night King.

Now, fans think they've spotted her disguised as someone else in episode three, 'The Long Night'.

This is the moment Arya slayed the Night King to save Bran: 

At this point in the 90-minute long episode, all appears to have been lost, with Winterfell completely ravaged by the army of the dead and the Night King approaching Bran to destroy humanity - the history and future of which is stored in his head.

Then, seemingly from nowhere, Arya pounces on him and manages to deliver a fatal blow with a Valarian steel dagger.

While it's not known exactly how she managed to do this, one fan believes he spotted her hiding among the army of the dead by wearing one of their faces. It certainly makes sense - both for the episode and the completion of her character arc.

Taking to Twitter, a user named Evan wrote: "Arya didn't jump over a ton of white walkers, she was wearing the face of one, hence Melissandre: 'brown eyes, green eyes, BLUE EYES.'"

He then shared a blink-and-you'll-miss-it clip that zooms in on a white walker's face, suggesting that this particular walker was Arya.

After all, is anything in Game of Thrones done without a reason?!

To see the split-second moment for yourself, check out the video below: 

Evan wasn't the only fan to reach this conclusion either, with some taking to social media to write that it was the only way that Arya could have destroyed the Night King:

However, it's worth noting that the white walker featured in the clip above could have simply been looking at Arya flying through the air to kill his leader - by which point, it would have been too late to stop her.

Perhaps we will get a definitive answer in this week's episode.

Speaking of which, this is its teaser preview: