'Game of Thrones' fans are convinced that Khal Drogo is getting resurrected in season 8

'Game of Thrones' fans are convinced that Khal Drogo is getting resurrected in season 8

With Game of Thrones season eight just over the corner, fans of the hit HBO series are now desperately scrambling to come up with some theories on how the show will conclude. Everyone wants to try and correctly predict the ending, but now a new fan theory has emerged on social media, which claims that Daenerys' first husband, the Dothraki warrior Khal Drogo (played by Jason Momoa) will come back from the dead.

Check out the footage of Jason shaving his beard off below: 

The theory states that Drogo might be coming back, if a curse placed on Daenerys by the witch Mirri Maz Duur back in season one is revoked. When cursing her, the witch stated: "When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then he will return, and not before." Fans now think that the 'he' the witch refers to will be Khal Drogo. Hey, it's not like this is the first time a character has pulled a Lazarus on us, right?

However, this theory seems to contradict statements already made by Momoa himself, where the Aquaman star reiterated that Drogo's return was unlikely. In a 2017 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Momoa stated: "I just showed up to see [the producers] and I just happened to see people on set. I haven't been over there in a long time. You just want to see your friends and you end up making headlines going, 'Drogo's back!' and I'm like, 'He's dead! He can't come back, it wouldn't work.'"

He added: "It's going to be the greatest thing that's ever aired on TV. It's going to be unbelievable. It's going to f*ck up a lot of people, and it was a bummer because I'm a huge fan and I didn't want to know what's going on. I was like, 'Damn, I didn't want to know that!'"

So is this theory true? Or a load of baloney? I guess we'll just have to wait till season eight airs to find out. Personally, I can hardly wait.