'Game of Thrones' finale has been submitted to win Emmy for Best Writing

'Game of Thrones' finale has been submitted to win Emmy for Best Writing

Even if you're not a fan of Game of Thrones, you will have heard that the reason finale was divisive, to say the least.

Because it was two years in the making, there were high hopes surrounding season eight, and while some episodes were met with mostly favorable reviews, like 'The Long Night', which saw the show's primary antagonist, The Night King, dramatically meet his fate, the last two were overwhelmingly met with a barrage of criticism.

For many fans, they contradicted character arcs, seemed rushed, and generally didn't live up to expectations.

And while the show's ending was never going to satisfy everyone, because the negativity surrounding it was overwhelming, fans have been surprised to learn that HBO has submitted the finale for the Best Writing Emmy Award.

Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones. Credit: HBO

What makes this decision even more surprising is that the last episode, 'The Iron Throne', was not the only option HBO had to choose from. The critically acclaimed second episode, 'A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms', was also an option (in case your memory needs refreshing, it focuses on the build-up to the Battle of Winterfell).

So, understandably, fans took to social media to react, which really shouldn't come as a surprise given the staggering number of people who signed a petition to have the entire series rewritten.

What do you think? Did 'The Iron Throne' live up to your expectations?

One thing's for sure, should it win the 'Best Writing' Emmy, GoT fans will have a lot to say about it. Again.