'Game of Thrones' leaned into a massive fan theory about Daenerys and viewers are not happy

'Game of Thrones' leaned into a massive fan theory about Daenerys and viewers are not happy

Warning: This article will contain spoilers from Sunday night's Game of Thrones.

It's fair to say that last night's episode of Game of Thrones was explosive (literally) and polarising. In a dramatic plot-twist, Daenerys appeared to lose her cool and turn into a paranoid tyrant, who destroyed King's Landing with her remaining dragon and killed a slew of characters, including Varys, Jaime, and Cersei, among many others.

However, although many people felt that this change of character has come out of a left field, other fans have pointed out that Daenerys breaking bad appears to have been foreshadowed in a crucial scene way back in season two, confirming many years of rampant fan speculation and theorising.

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Back in season two, when Dany went to save her dragons from the House of the Undying, she was met with a number of mysterious visions. One featured the Iron Throne, which destroyed and covered in what looked like snow. At first, this seemed to indicate the Night King’s conquest. But with the White Walkers now defeated, this appears to indicate that Jon Snow is now all that now stands between Dany and the throne.

Relive the heartbreaking moment Jaime and Cersei finally met their fate:

The vision also showed that the ceiling was destroyed, and it seems like a flying, fire-breathing lizard would be the only thing that could do that much damage to the roof of the Red Keep: this has now been confirmed as foreshadowing Daenerys unleashing dragonfire on King's Landing, forcing Jon to intervene and kill his lover/aunt (urgh) to save the Seven Kingdoms.

However, not everyone was happy about the change to her character. Check out some fan reactions below:







Indeed, it seems as though a pretty vocal contingent of Game of Thrones fans are now convinced that, after all the build-up, that season eight hasn't exactly been the satisfying conclusion that everyone was hoping for.