'Game of Thrones' script reveals Jon Snow twist detail fans will love

'Game of Thrones' script reveals Jon Snow twist detail fans will love

There's no doubt that the last season of Game of Thrones was pretty divisive, with some praising it, and others lambasting it for the alleged poor quality of its writing. The final episode was never going to satisfy everyone, but it had a lot more depth than many gave it credit for, and it seemed to raise just as many questions as it answered.

Spoilers ahead for those who missed it, but the most shocking twist of all was the fate of Jon Snow. Many fans were certain that he would take the Iron Throne from Daenerys since he had a direct claim as the secret son of Rhaegar. But after murdering Dany to save the Seven Kingdoms, Jon was instead exiled to join the Night's Watch.

Watch the moment Jon is reunited with his direwolf below:

However, instead of taking the black all over again, Jon actually marched north of the wall with Tormund, his direwolf Ghost and the other wildlings. Some fans were a little unsure about what this meant, but now the recently-released scripts for the final episode have cleared up some of the discrepancies.

The screenplay for the final scene reads: "CASTLE BLACK MAIN COURTYARD - DAY. Jon walks down the last few stairs to the ground level, where the last of the Free Folk await him... Jon steps forward into the sea of waiting faces. There is no suspicion in those faces, no awe. Only trust. The Night's Watch used to hunt them, but they will follow this Night's Watchman."

Watch the scene where Jon sees the Iron Throne burn:

This seems to suggest that, like former Night's Watch member and later King-Beyond-The-Wall Mance Rayder, Jon is in fact destined to lead the free folk far to the north of Westeros, and to rule them justly.

So there you have it: I guess Jon really was the Prince that was Promised - just not the King of the Seven Kingdoms.