'Game of Thrones' star finally responds to reports of feud with Lena Headey

'Game of Thrones' star finally responds to reports of feud with Lena Headey

One of the things that made Game of Thrones so compelling to watch it the feuds and interactions between the many characters of Westeros.

As the living came together to put an end to the Night King's army of the dead, season eight saw so many confrontations and run-ins between characters who had never even met before. From Jaime Lannister vowing his allegiance to help Danaerys (who he had tried to kill in battle the previous season), to Tyrion Lannister enjoying a drink with Ser Davos, despite the fact he murdered his son with wildfire in season two (I didn't say all of them made sense).

However, many fans were surprised to see a small storyline play out between Cersei Lannister and Bronn of the Blackwater - despite rarely acting in a scene together. In fact, even when she puts a bounty on her brothers' heads and demands Bronn kill them with a crossbow, she does so through Qyburn.

Despite both living in King's Landing for much of the show, and the fact Bronn spent most of his time in the show befriending Cersei's two brothers, the pair didn't have many scenes together.

I could only find this one brief scene and the pair never even made eye contact:

According to Digital Spy, many fans put Bronn and Cersei's lack of scenes together down to the fact the actors behind these incredible characters not being "on speaking terms". Actors Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey were reportedly in a relationship in the early 2000s which "ended badly".

Credit: HBO

However, per the Huffington Post, when a fan at the Nashville 'Con of Thrones' event asked about his current relationship with his old flame, Flynn revealed that the two are "speaking":

"We were actually in the same scene together, and the last time I saw Lena we were speaking, so I wouldn’t believe everything you read, and like I said, [the media] can get pretty desperate for stories."

Lena Headey reveals which Cersei scene never got cut from the show:

Per Digital Spy, the star commented back on their breakup back in 2003, saying "We're not a couple right now, people have seen us together and jumped to conclusions. I can't rule out a relationship with her in the future, I just don't know."

It's probably best to be on talking terms with the wonderful Lena Headey, considering she reportedly earned an eye-watering $48,000 per minute of screen time on the show.