'Game of Thrones' star reveals the incredible lengths producers are going to to prevent script leaks

'Game of Thrones' star reveals the incredible lengths producers are going to to prevent script leaks

If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you may be wondering why you feel like something is missing from your life. That feeling is the gap where a new season of Game of Thrones usually goes, one that we haven't seen this year. Normally you can bet on a new season being completed and released to the public within a year, but this time we weren't so lucky.

Seeing as next year's season will be the last, they are taking even longer to perfect the undoubtedly action-packed finale to the hit fantasy series. Adding that much time between seasons means that obsessive fans have even more time to concoct fan theories or get a hold of what's being kept secret on set, so the production is justifiably playing it as safe as possible.

With the second annual Con of Thrones happening in Texas, some cast members have been on hand for interviews, including the likes of Joe Dempsie (Gendry) and Hannah Murray (Gilly). One of the topics broached recently was the idea that Game of Thrones may be filming multiple endings to avoid spoilers getting out into the world.

When Murray was asked about it, she said that she "was not under the impression that there were multiple endings," but admitted that she "could be being fooled".

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister, has expressed his doubts over potential multiple endings in the past. In an interview with Marie Claire, he said:

"It seems really stupid to me. I mean if it’s true I don’t believe it, but I don’t know, maybe. I mean, I haven’t read the script, so unless they will show several endings that could be a twist, they’re not going to waste that money.

"They know how expensive it is to shoot. You’re not going to waste $100,000 a day to shoot something you’re not going to use. It’s not going to happen."

When he puts it that way, it doesn't sound too believable, does it?

However, there are definitely ways in which the production is amping up their security, according to the actor.

Coster-Waldau was recently in France, where he was attending the Cannes Film Festival. It was at Cannes that he had an interview about the show, explaining that the response to previous scripts being leaked online before the episode airs is even stricter rules.

"They’re very very strict. It’s reached a crazy level this year. We actually get the scripts, and then when we’ve shot the scene — and we only have it digitally — and then when you’ve done the scene, it just vanishes. It’s like Mission: Impossible. 'This will self-destruct.'"

So, it's like Snapchat for scripts? Sounds like a smart idea to me.

"I also know that we end the right way and the show ends on its own terms. When I read the scripts for the last season, I was like, ‘Wow, they really pulled it off.’ It’s one story from season 1 to 9 and it makes sense."

Coster-Waldau has been involved with the Game of Thrones project longer than most, filming an eventually-unused pilot for the show all the way back in 2009. I'm sure he'll be happy to leave it all behind, even if he'll still have fans shouting "Jamie!" at him in the street.