'Game of Thrones' theory reveals which character was the real winner

'Game of Thrones' theory reveals which character was the real winner

Some people think that Game of Thrones' entire storyline was building up to a climactic final fight with the Army of the Dead, but those people are wrong. This HBO fantasy epic might have gotten popular thanks to its incredible violence and nudity, but Game of Thrones' bread has always been buttered with its political scheming and tense medieval drama.

Our heroes might be Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, but our true protagonists are the weaselly Littlefinger, the seemingly-omniscient Varys, and the scheming, spiteful Cersei Lannister; as we've seen time and time again, when you play the Game of Thrones, you either win... or you die.

But that actually raises a good question: who actually won the Game of Thrones? Those protagonists I mentioned earlier each died in spectacular fashion, and Daenerys wasn't too far behind either.

Here's the moment where Daenerys bites it:

Luckily, there's no stone in the land of Westeros that Game of Thrones fans will leave unturned, and the wonderful world of Reddit thinks that once all the dust and ash has settled, that there was one clear winner of the Game of Thrones.

Reddit user AgnostosTheosLogos has a definite answer for all of us, and it's an interesting one to say the least. "Tyrion won the Game of Thrones, broke the wheel, then gave up the prize. All without ever getting any of the credit."

"Cersei was Queen. Dany, the usurper, was dead. Jon, her killer, didn't want it. Guess what that means, f***ers? Tyrion was the next family member, by blood, to the throne. That's why they let him pick the next king, and make the ruling that the throne would no longer be passed by blood."

Peter Dinklage Credit: Getty

Yep, Tyrion - when you think about it that way - won the Game of Thrones, passing on the mantle before he could die, and ensuring that this type of nonsense doesn't happen again. At least in theory.

But as AgnostosTheosLogos explains, his victory was pretty fleeting: "We won. For a minute, at least. Then we made the best possible choice for the kingdom and abdicated the throne to the best possible ruler."

And check out the trailer for HBO's behind-the-scenes Game of Thrones documentary, 'The Last Watch':

People's minds were blown, with many arguing against this idea, but the idea was pretty popular in the thread, with one user crowing: "Here's to the King in Chains!"

"The shortest (both height and length of rule) and Final King of the 7 Kingdoms (as it became 6 after him), the breaker of the wheel (no more bloodline rulers), the true hero and Winner of the Game of Thrones! The most subversive victory in the entire story, so much so, that no one even noticed."

Peter Dinklage Credit: Getty

So there you have it! I didn't even consider Tyrion to be the winner, but once you spell it out like that, it's kind of blindingly obvious, isn't it?