Ghost hunters filming two-hour special at real-life 'The Conjuring' house

Ghost hunters filming two-hour special at real-life 'The Conjuring' house

When it comes to all things supernatural, there are few people as well-known as Ed and Lorraine Warren. Made more famous through the Conjuring movies, the married couple investigated scores of paranormal events all over the world, including the famous Enfield poltergeist, and the Amityville horror case.

A Mexican couple has now moved into the old Rhode Island farmhouse that the first Conjuring movie was based on, and apparently, restless spirits still inhabit the old timbers of the 18th-century dwelling. Cory and Jennifer Heinzen, the current occupants, who are themselves paranormal investigators, firmly believe that the unquiet dead still lurks within.

Check out the trailer for The Conjuring in the video below: 

Commenting on the house in a recent interview with the Sun Journal, Cory Heinzen stated: "I’ve always been fascinated with the Warrens. It’s just like a piece of paranormal history, this house. We had doors opening, footsteps and knocks ... I’ve had a hard time staying there by myself. I don’t have the feeling of anything evil, [but] it’s very busy. You can tell there’s a lot of things going on in the house."

Now, the team behind the TV show, Ghost Adventures, is going to record a two-hour-long Halloween special in the house, to air on ET on Thursday, October 31. Commenting on the special, Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagans stated: "I've investigated a lot of places, but these locations are absolutely terrifying on a whole other level."

He added: "The real-life house that inspired the Conjuring movies - I'm speechless! That has a been a dream of mine to investigate for years and I can't believe it's finally happening. It's beyond legendary. I can't wait for viewers to experience this terrifying adventure with us."

Take a look at this interview with Lorraine Warren below:

Man, I can tell that this show is going to be really spooky when it airs. I definitely wouldn't recommend watching it with the lights off...