Google celebrates 'Friends' 25th anniversary with 7 easter eggs on search

Google celebrates 'Friends' 25th anniversary with 7 easter eggs on search

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the hit sitcom Friends, and it's amazing to think that the show is so old and yet still so beloved by audiences to this day. Indeed, I can personally still watch an episode even now and laugh just as much at the gags, cry when things get emotional, and remember why those six characters had that special x-factor.

But it's not just fans who are celebrating the series today: but the internet as well. Yup: in a tribute to the show, Google has hidden seven special easter eggs in its search function, each one a reference to Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Ross and Joey.

Check out this hilarious NSFW blooper from Friends below:

First of all, you have to Google the character's name. On the search results page, near their name, will be an icon representing that character. For instance, Joey is represented by a slice of pizza which, when clicked, will spawn a pair of hands who will reach out and grab the food icon. You'll then hear Joey announce: "Joey doesn't share food!"

Search for "Rachel Green" and an icon representing Jennifer Aniston's classic 90s haircut will appear on the search results screen. Search for "Chandler Bing" and you'll get an icon showing his beloved reclining chair, and Yasmine the Chick and Dick the Duck.

Type in: "Phoebe Buffay" and suddenly a little guitar icon will pop up in the info panel. If you're brave enough to click on it, you'll then hear a stirring rendition of Phoebe's classic ballad: "Smelly Cat" (with added visuals as a bonus).

Ross' tribute could be the most imaginative of them all. Type "Ross Gellar" into the search engine and a couch icon will pop up. Click it and you'll hear Ross shout: "Pivot!" and then the whole search engine screen will rotate.

However, if you go too far and click the icon four times, the couch will break and pivot no more - which will then force you to refresh the page to get a new couch and start over again.

Finally, Monica is represented by a soap bucket (reflecting her title as the undisputed queen of cleaning). Click on that, and a soapy sponge will appear and wipe your screen clean for you.

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