'Grease' star Olivia Newton-John claims she's haunted by two dead celebrities who boost her career

'Grease' star Olivia Newton-John claims she's haunted by two dead celebrities who boost her career

There are many people out there who believe that the dead never truly leave us and that the influence our loved ones exert on us doesn't end when they stop drawing breath.

We often hear stories about the bad kind of spirits: spectres and poltergeists who haunt secluded places, and who frighten and disturb the living. But there are just as many accounts out there among believers in the supernatural of benevolent ghosts.

One person who believes in this phenomenon all too well is Australian-English actress and performer Olivia Newton-John.

Olivia is best known for starring in the musicals Grease and Xanadu, and for her amazing singing voice. But according to her own account, she isn't entirely responsible for her own success. Instead, she credits the ghosts of two departed celebrity friends with keeping her right, and the 70-year-old has even gone so far as to claim that the ghosts of her dead friends "hover" around her, and that she can feel their presence.

In her new book, entitled Don’t Stop Believin', Newton-John states that Karen Carpenter and John Denver, who died in 1983 and 1997 respectively, are with her onstage whenever she performs. She also states that she feels the presence of a friend's daughter who died as a child.

In one memorable passage, for example, Newton-John writes:

"She has been with me ever since, along with my parents, my sister and other close friends who have passed away, like Karen Carpenter and John Denver. I often feel as if they hover around me when I perform. They are my spirit guides who I ask to support me before every show and they keep me strong. They're gone, but their love never dies."

Olivia has also opened up about her recent battle with cancer. She was first diagnosed with the disease way back in 1992, which led to her becoming a  since become an advocate for breast cancer research and product spokesperson for the Liv-Kit, a breast self-examination product. She sadly relapsed again in 2013 after finding a lump in her breast, and again in 2017.

An image of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in Grease. Credit: Getty

Discussing her diagnosis in a recent interview with Australian news and current affairs program "Sunday Night", Newton-John stated:

"I'm one of millions in this fight ... I see it as part of my mission. There are people out there doing much worse than me. I'm a very privileged person and I'm very aware of that. I live in this beautiful place. I have a wonderful husband ... I have an incredible career. I have nothing really to complain about."

She added:

"The first time I talked about it. The second time I thought, 'I don't really need to share this. It's not something I need to share with people. It's my life'. I just decided to keep it to myself."