HBO hid six Iron Thrones around the world for a massive 'Game of Thrones' scavenger hunt

HBO hid six Iron Thrones around the world for a massive 'Game of Thrones' scavenger hunt

On Game of Thrones, grasping conquerors commit shocking acts of murder and betrayal to sit atop the Iron Throne, the office for the supreme ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. According to legend, it was created by King Aegon Targaryen, who used dragonfire to fuse together the swords of his vanquished enemies. What's more, he kept the blades sharp, believing no ruler should sit comfortably.

To promote the final season of the epic fantasy series, HBO hid six replicas of the Iron Throne in different countries around the world. Fans can pick up clues about their locations on the For The Throne site, which has a 360-degree livestream of each chair's location. Hints and updates are also posted on the show's Twitter account. Those who find the thrones appear to be given a replica of Robert Baratheon's crown. Pretty nice!

So far, five Iron Thrones have been discovered, and clues regarding the sixth one are imminent.

#1 - Throne of the Forest

Location: Puzzlewood, near Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

#2 - Throne of Ice

Location: Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, Canada 

#3 - Throne of the North

Location: Björkliden, Sweden

#4 - Throne of Joy

Location: Castillo De Atienza, Spain

#5 - Throne of Valyria

Found: Beberibe, Ceará, Brazil.

#6 - Unknown

As of this writing, HBO has not released a title nor livestream for the sixth throne. However, the countdown on For The Throne says the scavenger hunt will only last six more days, so information must be coming soon.

Will the last replica of the Iron Throne be found in the USA? Iceland? Australia? The world awaits, but sit upon the chair at your own peril. (And if you don't live near an Iron Throne, don't stress, there might be a replica of one at the next local comic book convention.)

The last season of Game of Thrones premieres on Sunday, April 14.