HBO just released the first teaser for the final 'Game of Thrones' season and fans can't keep it together

HBO just released the first teaser for the final 'Game of Thrones' season and fans can't keep it together

Who else is with me and feeling a little like this:

Yep, it's been a veeery long time since Game of Thrones has been on our screens, and we're still going to have to wait a little longer. The hit fantasy series which is based on George RR Martin's books is due it's eighth and final season, but it won't be with us until some time next year.

It's been reported that the HBO series will return for its epic finale in the "first half" of 2019, but nothing more has been said of the premiere date other than that.

But finally, FINALLY, we may be getting closer to feeling the familiar thrilling, emotionally-devastating sensation we all feel when watching our favourite characters battle for the Iron Throne, because HBO has just dropped its first glimpse at the final season.

In a newly released promotional reel of all their upcoming shows, the television network has included snippets from the new season of Game of Thrones, as well as other shows including Big Little Lies and True Detective. While most footage comes from the previous season, there is some new stuff and you can bet people are as excited as heck.

It opens with a shot of Dragonstone, and includes shots of Beric's flaming sword (handy against Whitewalkers, no?), Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen talking (flirting??) and a dragon projectiling a wave of flames over a few soldiers.

While it's thrilling stuff, you'll know that all this comes from season seven if you're a die-hard fan. The clip that got most people talking, however, is a close up of Jon and Sansa Stark. It's less than three seconds long, but it's never seen before footage of the siblings sharing a hug.

As we know, the end of season seven saw Sansa as the Lady of Winterfell, where she and Arya killed Littlefinger for his crimes and scheming over the years. She also wasn't hot on the idea of teaming up with Daenerys, though Jon was, and he was getting a little hot with her in other ways too. We saw this at the end of the episode when he and Dany were on a ship heading back to Winterfell.

Some fans are saying that Sansa appears to have very cold eyes in the new clip from the teaser, suggesting that maybe she's looking at Daenerys as Jon hugs her upon their return. You can watch the hug around the 1:10 mark:

Some questioned whether it was really worth getting that excited for, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Throners all around the world would answer with a resounding "YES".

Although, you do have to admit that the footage was a bit of a tease.

Come on HBO, we're ready to hear the official release date, and if you could throw in an official trailer with more than 3 seconds worth of new footage – THAT'D BE DANDY TOO.

Until then, we'll keep waiting.