Here Are All The Behind-The-Scenes Insta Snaps The 'Game Of Thrones' Cast Shared In Honor Of The Premiere

Here Are All The Behind-The-Scenes Insta Snaps The 'Game Of Thrones' Cast Shared In Honor Of The Premiere

For two long years we waited for the newest season of Game of Thrones, and for two long years we prayed (to the old gods and the new) for just a hint of what was to come.

All we wanted were some minor spoilers, perhaps. A teaser trailer or two. Heck, even some behind-the-scenes pictures would have been enough to satisfy our longing - but the cast were annoyingly disciplined with the whole thing, and wouldn't let the slightest hint slip.

Now that season eight is underway, however, they've ditched their rules and let loose with the pics - and it looks as if they were having a great time.

1. Here's Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) catching some Zs between shoots

2. Here's Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) looking buzzed with Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) and Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei)

3. Here's Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) looking sexy AF with Hannah Waddingham (Septa Unella)...

4. And again, in an equally attractive bald cap

5. And *again*, this time with Pilou Asbæk (Euron Greyjoy)

6. Here's Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) during that fight scene from the end of Season Seven

7. And here's his on-screen sister, Gemma Whelan (Yara Greyjoy) showing off her muddy boots

8. Here's some more on-screen siblings: Rory McCann (The Hound) and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (The Mountain)

9. Here's the North's favourite bad guy, The Night King (Vladimír Furdík)

10. And here's the character we're all *most* intimidated by: Drogon the dragon (and Emilia Clarke again)

Looks like a lot of fun, right!?

If you've yet to watch the first episode, here's a sneak preview of what's in store:

Oh, and if you didn't know (or perhaps didn't notice out of sheer excitement), there's a new opening title sequence, too!

Watch closely to see what's changed in Westeros:

If those are the posts we're seeing now at the start of the series, we can't wait to see what they'll reveal when it's all over - which isn't that far away now! Until then, however, we'd best savour what we've got.