Here are all the shows that didn't survive Netflix's 2019 purge

Here are all the shows that didn't survive Netflix's 2019 purge

Netflix is easily the most popular streaming service out there, with a multitude of movies, shows, and original content to keep most of us happily paying a monthly fee. Practically every time a movie or show is recommended, the first question will be 'Is it on Netflix?'

However, there are a few downsides to the service. For instance, a lot of their (non-original) movies and shows are effectively on loan to the company, meaning that if you don't hop on them quick, many of the things you joined the service for will disappear. And on top of that, sometimes shows have to come to a close... whether you like it or not.

2019 was a big year for this, with the company committing a "purge" in which a number of ongoing series are being axed. Check out which shows didn't make it this year...


After three seasons, the Eric McCormack-led sci-fi series has been cancelled.

One Day At A Time

The sitcom reboot was cancelled in March, just one month after its third season premiered. Many fans are still rooting for its return on another streaming service.

Friends From College

After its second season, the ensemble comedy was cancelled in February this year.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

The Neil Patrick Harris adaptation of the book series came to a close with its pre-planned third season in January this year.


It was only last year that Netflix pulled Lucifer from its cancellation hell for a fourth season, but now its choosing to come to a close with a fifth season debuting in 2020.


Netflix's dystopian show announced that season 3 will be its final season on Instagram by its creator.

Santa Clarita Diet

Drew Barrymore's strange and horrific show had a hell of a season three cliffhanger that will never be resolved, as Netflix have now cancelled the series.


After just one season, this spooky mystery was cancelled.

The Rain

Netflix confirmed in a tweet that the upcoming third season will be the last of the Scandinavian thriller.

Orange Is The New Black

The eighth and final season of the prison series will be premiering on July 26 with creators choosing to bring it to a close.

The Ranch

Ashton Kutcher - who stars in and produces the show - confirmed that the show will be ending. The first 10 episodes of the fourth and final season will air later this year, and the final 10 will air in 2020.

Fuller House

After being brought back for the revival, the Tanner family are saying goodbye once again. The final episode of the show's fifth season will air later this year.

While it's a shame that some of these shows have come to an end - the fact that many of them are going out on their own terms is worth celebrating!