Here are the best 'Game of Thrones' memes from season 8, episode 3

Here are the best 'Game of Thrones' memes from season 8, episode 3

Oh. My. Gods, old and new. What I have just witnessed is possibly the greatest 80 minutes of adrenaline-fuelled television I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Seriously, Arya Stark just beat Captain America for this weekend's battle sequence MVP.

The 'Battle of Winterfell' promised so much to the dedicated Game of Thones' fans, and it delivered. I literally haven't closed my mouth for the past three hours. And now, I can't believe my darn luck that I have to wait another seven days for my next GoT fix.

Here's the preview for Episode 4 of Season 8. I cannot wait:

And, naturally, viewers flocked to social media to share their inventive thoughts on everything happy, sad, and absolutely mind-blowing (the Crypts of Winterfell!!!!) that just went down in the epic fight between the living and the dead.

Oh, and just a quick heads up, this will contain spoilers. Obviously!

Those pesky White Walkers didn't just leave the survivors devastated, as the viewers also couldn't contain their emotion.

But I think we all know the most heartbreaking moment of this episode:

Game of Thrones fans really are the greatest fans in the world! But seriously? We've got to wait another whole week to see the fall out from this?! I'm going to bed - revive me when it's on.