Here's how you can get your hands on sugar cookies straight from the movie 'Elf'

Here's how you can get your hands on sugar cookies straight from the movie 'Elf'

Every year, I feel like Christmas comes a little bit earlier every time. Whereas now, shops are littered with tinsel and the screeching of Mariah Carey can be heard for many a mile, before, if you weren't paying enough attention you'd only clock it when the advent calendars started to roll around.

On the whole, I'm not a fan. Christmas coming too early cuts right into my Halloween and Thanksgiving time, and I feel like 10 weeks is way too much buildup ahead of Santa Claus' eventual shimmy down my chimney. But for these sugar cookies, I'd probably be okay with celebrating Christmas as early as mid-July.

Remember the movie Elf? Of course you do. For me (and I'm sure for many of you), Elf was my first real exposure to the comedic talents of Will Ferrell, and with the spirit of Christmas plus the slight surprise of seeing Zooey Deschanel with blonde hair (it's weird, right?), Elf is rightfully placed right at the top of the must-watch Christmas movie list.

But as you watch Buddy attempt to reintegrate back into the human world after spending so long trying to fit in as an elf, what do you eat? Popcorn? Overdone. Potato chips? Nah, man, get into the Christmas spirit! So I'm pretty glad to hear that Pillsbury have come out with the perfect snack to enjoy as you watch Elf over and over again.

It's weird that it was 15 years ago that Elf was in cinemas, right? Well, Pillsbury thought we'd celebrate this decade and a half of Christmas shenanigans with 24 sugar cookies modelled after Buddy's very unique hat. Here's the Instagram page JunkFoodAdventures with a sneak peek at the box, after it hit shelves a little early in anticipation.

But while we might be surprised to see these cookies while we're still in the middle of October, we get the feeling that Pillsbury's been thinking about making this move for quite a while. Let's harken all the way back to December 2017, when Twitter user @patty_mally, probably fresh from watching Elf themselves, asked Pillsbury for one thing.

That, of course, was Elf-themed cookies.

Pillsbury were definitely intrigued. "Elf shape cookies sound both fun and delicious! We'll share this with our team for you," the official Twitter account for Pillsbury revealed, and if that's anything to go by, this particular request went all the way to the top. Isn't that exciting?

So, before you even pop Elf into your DVD player or fire up the ol' Netflix, you can head to a supermarket right now and pick yourself up a box (or 37) of Elf-themed cookies. Target, Walmart and Kroger, Meijer, Albertson, Safeway, Ahold, and Delhaize all stock the boxes, so you could get enough cookies to last you all the way through to next summer.

And then some.

There are 24 in the Pillsbury style to enjoy, so if you like, you could make it your own official advent calendar. If, through some minor miracle, you can figure out how to summon the willpower to have one of these cookies at a time. Now, I've got the perfect snack to watch Elf with.