Here's the one big thing everyone missed in the 'Game of Thrones' season premiere

Here's the one big thing everyone missed in the 'Game of Thrones' season premiere

The premiere for the eighth (and final!) season of Game of Thrones landed last night, and it didn't do much to make us Thrones fans any less crazy, seeing as we're now dying with anticipation over what could be in store for us in next week's episode.

This first episode was fairly eventful, but with no big deaths or twists, it was remarkably low-key for a show infamous for its tragic surprises. Despite the fact most of the episode was dedicated to characters getting up to speed and a fair few reunions and first-time meetings (some warm, some frosty), there were some key moments that viewers may have missed.

Check out season eight's intense official trailer:

For one, there were a few lines that many viewers believe to be a subtle reference to Ed Sheeran's character in the show. The musician had made a brief cameo in season seven as a musical Lannister soldier - an appearance that didn't go down that well with some fans of the show.

Sheeran later remarked that he believed his character had avoided a brutal death and was "chilling out" somewhere, but last night it was implied that his character met a much more grisly fate.

On top of that, there were reveals even in the opening credits. This opening sequence, in which we see various locations on the map of Westeros come to life, has been updated for season eight in a number of ways - and even gave viewers a clue as to how the first episode would close.

Check out the brand new opening credits below:

But the biggest reveal this week was one detail that many of us missed completely on first watch. Cersei spends this episode plotting with the Golden Company, and trying to come to some arrangement with Euron Greyjoy. Towards the end of the episode, when she's only in the company of Euron, she starts to drink wine.

That's pretty normal for Cersei, but as you may remember from the end of last season, the 'mad queen' revealed that she was pregnant with another child to Jaime, before Tyrion figured it out during his negotiations with her afterwards.

During her talk with her youngest brother, she refused wine - something very uncommon for her to do - and this was part of how Tyrion figured it out.

Knowing Cersei, many fans assumed that this was yet another ruse - especially after she revealed that she is planning to double-cross Daenerys and Jon Snow after making a truce with them both.

Cersei pretending to be pregnant initially got Jaime to promise to never betray her, while later it helped Tyrion believe that she was certain about protecting the world. Then, when Tyrion tells Sansa that his sister has a motivation to help them out, she remarks that she once thought he was the smartest man she knew - showing she thinks he's been duped too.

On top of that, there's the fact that the prophecy Cersei was told as a young girl was that she would have three children - all of which would die. After Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen died - it's been fulfilled.

So, is Cersei really pregnant? Or is this yet another lie in a long line of Lannister lies?