Ice hockey fan caught stealing ice cream on live TV

Ice hockey fan caught stealing ice cream on live TV

Viewers of a live news report were treated to the hilarious moment a sneaky ice hockey fan steals an ice cream right out of the hand of an unsuspecting man.

The blink-and-you'll-miss-it act of theft took place in the background of a live Fox Sports broadcast of the Carolina Hurricanes’ 8-2 win against the Ottawa Senators on Tuesday.

This is the moment an ice hockey fan is caught stealing ice cream on live TV:

The thief removes the ice cream and cone from its container, takes a lick and then appears to want to place the ice cream back in the hand of his oblivious fellow fan.

When the man realises the ice cream is gone, he looks around - evidently dumbfounded at the sight of the empty holder.

When some eagle-eyed viewers spotted the brazen ice hockey fan nabbing the tasty treat off his distracted 'victim', it started being shared on Twitter, where it has since garnered millions of views.

ice hockey fan Credit: Fox Sports

And of course, the people of the internet had plenty to say about the man at the centre of it all.

"That was so wrong! But I can’t stop laughing," one person tweeted alongside a laughing-crying emoji.

"This is hilarious, while also being nasty lol. Imagine that dude getting it back and taking a lick," wrote another.

"I just don’t know how you wouldn’t catch that before it was too late," a third chimed in. "Then again Canes fans are a breed of their own!"

ice hockey fan Credit: Fox Sports

A fair share of the commenters seemed to think the whole episode was too good to be true.

"That was a set up if I've ever seen one," one person wrote, while another simply wrote: "staged".

"That looks so staged but still funny," a third added.

In any case, the thief has since been identified as Weston Davis, who insists that it wasn't a stunt while admitting that the other guy is, in fact, a friend of his called Joe Campen.

Speaking to The Athletic, Mr Davis said: "Joe and I are good friends. He was standing there behind the camera and I just thought I'd mess with him hoping maybe the camera would get a shot of it."