Insane 'Game of Thrones' fan theory has everyone convinced Daenerys ends up as the Night Queen

Insane 'Game of Thrones' fan theory has everyone convinced Daenerys ends up as the Night Queen

For years now, there have been theories that Bran Stark is the Night King on Game of Thrones. But, what if this was just a big fat distraction, orchestrated by showrunners to throw us off the true scent? What if another rather important person in Westeros is about to become the Night Queen? Say...Daenerys Targaryen?

It sounds insane, we know. But just hear us out and you'll see there is some amount of sense to it.

The scandalous hypothesis first originated on Reddit (where all good Game of Thrones theories do) when a Redditor named marisaann26 put it to a discussion page.

daenarys targaryan emilia clarke game of thrones Credit: HBO

Her post focused on a vision that the Queen of Dragons had in season two where, in a shower of snow, she walked into the destroyed throne room in Kings Landing and reached out to touch the thrones.

When she heard her dragons crying, she left the room and walked out to end up beyond the wall in a tent with Khal Drogo and their son Rhaego. However, she swiftly left them behind too, choosing to find her dragons, which were chained to a table.

According to marisaann26, a lot of this vision already came true in season seven. She writes:

  1. "Dany going towards the throne, but is drawn beyond the wall = when, in S7, Dany was going to go attack Kings Landing and take the throne by force, but she was told Jon and company beyond The Wall need rescuing."
  2. "Dany hearing the dragon cries = S7 the dragons crying beyond the wall after Viserion was killed by the NK [the Night King]."

Actress Emilia Clarke. Credit: Getty

However, the Redditor went on to point out that the part of the vision that we haven't seen come to life yet is the daughter of the Mad King leaving Drogo and her baby to be with her dragon.

This brings us to Ice Queen suspicions. Marisaann26 believes that the rest of Dany's beloved fire-breathing children will be killed and turned into ice dragons. This, in turn, will force her to leave Jon Snow (and potentially their baby, if another fan theory is true) behind and join forces with the Night King to become his Queen.

Farfetched? Definitely. But marisaann26 has receipts. To back herself up, she refers to an interview with Thrones star Emilia Clarke, where the actress spoke of Dany's behaviour in the last series "f**cking her up".

"In an interview with the actor that plays the NK, he said that 'we will learn WHO the Night King is after' in an interview with Emilia Clarke (Dany)," the Redditor wrote. "She talks about the final season and said 'it fucked me up—knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is' and that Dany is doing really weird stuff. [...]

She continued: "One way or another, both living dragons will die in battle. Distraught by losing her dragons, Dany with be persuaded to join the Night King to be reunited with her dragons = she gets her ICE THRONE."

If you need more convincing, she also points to the story of a Nightfort commander (Nightfort being an abandoned castle of the Night's Watch), who fell in love with "a woman made of ice." Rumour has it, she became his Ice Queen and they ruled together.

Intriguing! Could there be a bit of foreshadowing going on here?

I told you marisaann26 had receipts though, and there are two other things that sway her towards the Queen of Dragons turning to the dark side. Firstly, the snow in Daenerys' vision.

Daenerys and Jon Snow Credit: HBO

"She still gets her throne and that’s why in her vision the iron throne is covered in snow because she’s meant to be on an ice throne," the eagle-eyed Redditor writes.

To finish up, if we recall correctly, the theme music playing in Dany's vision was... dun dun dun ... none other than the White Walkers theme music.

Mic drop!

So, are you convinced? Not long until we find out once and for all and have move on with our lives, filling our brains with something other than Game of Thrones theories. Or, you know, we could just rewatch the whole show.