Isaac Hempstead-Wright says his 'creepy Bran stare' is the result of being completely blind on set without his glasses

Isaac Hempstead-Wright says his 'creepy Bran stare' is the result of being completely blind on set without his glasses

Over the years, there have been many a Game of Thrones star - and I'm not talking about the actors.

Joffrey's ego, Cersei's consistently topped-up wine glass and Kit Harington's perfect bottom all fall into this category of stardom. However, in the past few seasons, one shining performer has overtaken them all: Bran Stark's creepy as hell thousand-yard stare.

With the arrival of season eight last week, many a meme has been thrown around concerning the acute gaze of the Three-Eyed Raven - but the question is: why is Isaac Hempstead-Wright so good at the Bran stare?

Watch the trailer for season eight, episode two here:

The answer could be that he's been playing the character for almost a decade and has him down to a tee - but a recent interview with the 20-year-old actor seemed to suggest otherwise. In fact, according to Issac, it's not talent; he's just completely blind.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he admitted that intense staring comes naturally to him on-set, because he doesn't have his glasses and basically can't see.

"Yeah, I'm kind of getting good at this intense stare," he told Kimmel, "but it's actually aided by the fact that I'm completely blind when I'm on set. I don't have my glasses and I don't have contact lenses."

Watch Isaac Hempstead-Wright explain his creepy stare on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

The Game of Thrones star then recalled shooting a scene with co-star Sophie Turner (aka Sansa Stark), who was left particularly amazed by the power of his gaze.

"She said, 'Isaac, your stare is like you're staring into my soul!'" Issac told Jimmy. "And I was like, 'I can't see you! That's why.'"

During his appearance on the talk show, the young actor also opened up about his early sex education, something that happened as a result of appearing on the show.

As all fans will recall, in the very first episode of the first series, little Bran stumbled across Cersei and Jaime Lannister having sex at Winterfell. He got pushed out of a window and remains in a wheelchair forever as a consequence. But that scene had consequences in the real world too.

Bran Stark Credit: HBO

"I was pretty much told what was going on but it meant my mum had to give me the sex talk a little earlier," he explained on the chat show. "And with some topics that aren’t covered in general sex talks."

In response, Jimmy joked about the ongoing incest in the show, saying: "When a brother and sister love each other very much", and Isaac giggled, advising: "Don’t act on it!"

Bran Stark's insane thousand-yard stare will gaze into our souls again on April 21 - don't forget to tune in!