Jennifer Aniston reveals which actor is standing in the way of a 'Friends' reboot

Jennifer Aniston reveals which actor is standing in the way of a 'Friends' reboot

When Friends debuted back in 1994, every Thursday night on NBC, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Chander, Ross, and Joey promised to always be there for us because we were always there for them. But when the show ended in 2004, many of us were abruptly left with a gaping Friends-sized hole in our hearts.

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Sure other sitcoms have come along, trying to fill that hole like Courtney Cox's Cougar Town and Matt LeBlanc's Joey spin-off, but none have managed to bring the same level of universal joy and camaraderie that the original Friends series did.

Perhaps sometimes an impeccable combination of actors, writers, and producers come together with perfect chemistry to make television magic. Ah yes, Friends seemed to define a generation and when one thinks back to the 90s, that wonderful show about six best friends trying to make it in New York City will never be forgotten.

Here's how they designed Monica's iconic New York apartment:

Even now, nearly 15 years later, the show still holds up. Personally, I love watching an episode or two on Netflix to unwind and have a good laugh with my old TV pals. Plus, a whole new generation is discovering just how amazing that old gang was.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and after 10 great seasons, Friends aired its last episode, leaving everyone wanting more. However, as it turns out, some of the cast members might be looking to fulfill that wish with a Friends reboot.

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Yes, that's right! Jennifer Aniston recently told InStyle that since the finale where Rachel famously got off the plane to stay in New York with Ross, she's been thinking about what might have happened to the iconic couple.

What's more is that apparently, Aniston has actually been talking about it with Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. So we've got three friends on board, what about the others? Here's what she told Instyle:

"Before that show ended, people were asking if we were coming back. Courteney [Cox] and Lisa [Kudrow] and I talk about it. It really was the greatest job I ever had. I don’t know what it would look like today, but you never know. So many shows are being successfully rebooted."

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Perhaps the recent success of other recently rebooted television shows like Will & Grace, Arrested Development, Queer Eye, and Gilmore Girls is fueling Aniston's ambitions. On top of that, other 90s icons have also recently confirmed or hinted at returns to the small screen.

Kelsey Grammer confirmed that a Frasier reboot is in the early stages, while Jerry Seinfeld said he's open to the possibility of bringing back Seinfeld. And if it wasn't for Roseanne Barr's racist Twitter tirade, the Roseanne reboot was looking like a real 90s comeback success story.

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However, Friends reunions, never mind any reboots, have been attempted in the past with little success. The closest we came to seeing all six cast members in the same room together was in 2016 when five of the six actors came together to celebrate Friends director, James Burrows.

At that time, Matthew Perry was absent because he was performing in a play in London, and while it might be a safe bet that he would be the last to come on board on a potential series reboot, this time around it's a different 'friend' that isn't interested in returning.


While all of the cast members have gone on to have successful careers in Hollywood and all could be committed to other projects, it turns out that none other than Matt LeBlanc who portrayed Joey is standing in the way of a reboot simply because, as Aniston says, he is tired of being asked the question.

Surely, all of the cast members have been asked ad nauseam about Friends reunions and reboots, but Aniston, and seemingly Cox and Kudrow, are still open to discussing the possibility. Here's what she told InStyle about LeBlanc:

"I know Matt LeBlanc doesn’t want to be asked that question anymore. But maybe we could talk him into it. Or we just give it some time and then Lisa, Courteney, and I could reboot The Golden Girls and spend our last years together on wicker furniture."

Hey, I'd watch that Golden Girls reboot, too, especially if they found a way to still keep Betty White in it! However, as much as I love Joey, do we really need him for a reboot? Here me out. I've got an idea.

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At the end of Freinds, Joey moved to LA to focus on his acting career, so let's assume he got really famous out there and decided to stay. The remaining five friends could then star in the show and occasionally we'd see clips of Joey on TV.

Everyone could comment on how famous he is and it would be like a running joke. The TV clips could even be from the shows Matt LeBlanc did after Freinds, wouldn't that be cool?

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It's kind of like when they rebooted Full House without the Olsen twins and everyone just remarked about how fabulous Michelle's fashion career was and how well she was doing on the opposite coast. Hey, it worked for Full House, it could totally work for Friends, right?

While we might not be getting a Friends reboot anytime soon, here's hoping that perhaps someday down the road it still might happen. In the meantime, let's all look forward to seeing what Frasier Crane's been up to all these years. Tossed salad and scrambled eggs, anyone?

But one 90s show that definitely won't be returning to our screens is Sex And The City, especially after Kim Cattrall's explosive comments regarding her co-stars: