Jennifer Love Hewitt shares 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer' horror story

Jennifer Love Hewitt shares 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer' horror story

Hands up if the hook-wielding fisherman in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer scared the life out of you back in 1998.

I'm with you: Ben Willis was spine-chilling. But, contrary to popular belief, the serial killer wasn't the scariest thing on the American slasher film set.

Star of the film, Jennifer Love Hewitt, recently opened up about a real-life horror story that happened to her while filming the hit movie, saying it left her "terrified".

Imagine if this happened to you in real life! Watch the horrifying scene here:

According to the Ghost Whisperer actress, she accidentally got locked in a tanning bed in one scene - with no one initially realising that she was unconscious inside.

Speaking on Heather McMahan’s Absolutely Not podcast, she said: "So we were in this actual resort, kind of abandoned resort, haunted resort in Mexico, and they built this little room, they put the tanning bed in there, and because it’s a movie they wanted me to look better in it so they lit it with real lights.

"It was 100 degrees, something like that in the tanning bed. Then it was 100 degrees in the room because there was no air conditioning… and it was 100 degrees outside."

Jennifer continued to admit that she was already not in the best situation because she had been dieting for the film. Explaining that she was wearing only a bikini in the scene, she admitted she was "a young actress who's definitely, probably not eating what she needed to, to get ready for that scene because I was in a bikini if I'm being honest."

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Credit: Columbia Pictures

Continuing her story, she said: "My mom was watching on the monitor and she was like, ‘Guys, she’s… she’s not doing what she’s supposed to do.’ Like, ‘Why is she not doing what she’s supposed to do?’ And they realized I had passed out inside, and it was really locked."

Revealing that "panic" then set in for the people on set, the 40-year-old stated that it took them a minute to "kind of get me out" of the bed.

After that, it also took her "a little while" to feel better about the scene. "I was terrified after that," she said, adding that she "thanks god" her mother was there, keeping a close eye on her throughout the shoot.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Credit: Columbia Pictures

During the 45-minute conversation, Jennifer also opened up about her days as a 2000s "babe".

After McMahon noted she was on "everybody's walls" at the time, The Tuxedo star admitted it was an adjustment to see herself as a sex symbol.

"It was a fun time," she said. "I think later in life it got confusing for me because I sorta had to catch up to the fact that for people I was like a sex symbol, or a babe, whatever, and I didn't feel that way. I was like I don't really understand what this is about necessarily, but I remember feeling complimented by it. It was nice."

Thank goodness there was a happy ending to Jennifer's horror story! After all, we can't say the same for the characters in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer...