Kaley Cuoco shares emotional video from 'The Big Bang Theory' finale

Kaley Cuoco shares emotional video from 'The Big Bang Theory' finale

Unfortunately for its adoring fans, The Big Bang Theory has come to a close. This week we saw the gang for the last time as they came together for an hour-long double episode to round out the entire series. It has now hit its 279th episode, making it the longest-running multi-camera comedy in television history, with 12 seasons under its belt.

Watch the preview for the finale here:

Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny on the show, took to her Instagram account following the news back in 2018, where she shared a heartfelt goodbye to the fans:

"This ride has been a dream come true and as life changing as it gets. No matter when it was going to end, my heart would have always been broken in two. Drowning in tears, we promise to bring you the best season yet.

"To the fans, our crew, families, Chuck Lorre, Warner Brothers, CBS, and everyone who has supported us for so many years, thank you. We are goin out with a bang"

More recently, Cuoco took to her Instagram, where she shared a behind-the-scenes video of the filming of that final episode. "Our final show. Our final huddle. Our final curtain call," she wrote. "It doesn't get more BTS than this."

Watch their last huddle below:

She also shared another post, this time of one of the final moments of the show. "This moment will remain with me forever!" she wrote.

In addition to these behind-the-scenes moments, she shared a shot of the cast and crew watching the final episode together. "One of my favourite BTS pictures from tonight’s finale taping," she said in the post. "Entire cast, writers and crew, huddling together to watch the final scene"

A much lengthier post came from Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette on the show. Along with a photo of her along with the other castmembers, she wrote:

"I’ll never forget the first time I was introduced with this amazing cast to the audience. It felt completely surreal...and I’ve got to say, it never stopped feeling that way. Even up until this photo was taken at our final cast intro.

"When I looked out at that audience every tape night ~ at our brilliant producers & writers, terrific directors, incredible crew...at my phenomenal co-stars by my side ~ I always felt an undeniable energy coursing through my body...the physical manifestation of pure happiness and gratitude.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart to every single person who has made being a part of @bigbangtheory_cbs one of the greatest experiences of my life," she added. "Thank you to every single one of you who tuned in each week. I am forever changed by The Big Bang Theory and forever thankful. ♥️"

Fans will undoubtedly be sad to see the show go, but with nearly 200 episodes available, there's plenty to re-watch.