Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are on set filming 'Bill and Ted 3'

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are on set filming 'Bill and Ted 3'

We're in the midst of the Keanuissance, which means there's a lot of Keanu Reeves content in 2019 and plenty more to come. So far he's dominated video games news, stolen the show in another Pixar animation, played himself on-screen and kicked ass in one of the biggest action movies of the year.

Next year, however, he's revisiting an old classic.

30 years after the release of cult classic comedy Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, the 54-year-old actor is on board to star in a third entry in the series. Following up on the time-travel caper, in which the unlikely duo go on a quest to gather famous historical figures for a class project, the pair will be reuniting for yet another adventure in 2020.

The new movie will see Bill and Ted all grown up with their own families to look after. However, soon enough they need to travel through time once more to write a universe-saving song, in what is reportedly to be called: Bill & Ted Face The Music.

Back in May, Reeves spoke to Stephen Colbert about the movie:

Last week fans were lamenting the loss of Keanu's beard, when he was spotted on set clean-shaven. He was seen heading to the set wearing a cap and sunglasses, but unmistakenly Keanu on his way back to the iconic role.

Since then, it appears that production has officially begun, which means both Keanu and Alex Winters are on set filming. On Tuesday, they were spotted filming in New Orleans together, seemingly heading out of a phone box once again.

And it looks like they'll be meeting plenty of famous historical figures along the way too, with what looks to be Gandhi and Jimi Hendrix spotted on set.

Bill & Ted Face The Music will be released on August 21 2020.